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WranglerLand Rover Vs Jeep in 2007?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006/4/6 8:28:04 (2276) reads

I just came across this online. It says that Land Rover is set to relaunch the Defender in late 2006 as a 2007 model. There will be 2 body styles: a 2 door short frame and a 4 door long frame.

Is this Ford's answer to the 2007 Wrangler lineup?

As far as being easier to assemble, Land Rover is moving to simplify it platforms from four to two. (60 percent of the new Discovery, for instance, is constructed by automation and it's rumored that Ford wants the same level of assembly automation in use for the new Defender.) As such, Automotive News reports that the next Defender will use Land Rover's new T5 platform architecture, the same body-on-chassis platform used for the new Discovery 3 / LR3 and upcoming Range Stormer or Range Rover Sport (the newest mini-Range Rover slated for upcoming release.)

Land Rover sells about 27,000 Defenders a year to the rest of the world. It's high time it set its sights on North America again, where the mighty Defender's legendary off-road prowess will be put to good use.

Check out the entire article

Update (4/7/06): one of our readers informed me that this was an old article and a bit outdated. Don't expect a new Defender anytime soon. If anyone knows anything further, please let me know. Oops.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2006/4/6 10:56  Updated: 2006/4/6 10:56
Home away from home
Joined: 2005/11/28
From: TX
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 Re: Land Rover Vs Jeep in 2007?
Wow, only 27,000 Defenders sold world-wide per year? I thought the sales numbers on it would be much higher. The biggest problem I see with the supposed new Defender, as far as being any real competition for Jeep, is that the article says it would be based off the T5 platform, which is fully independent... not a single solid axle in sight. Rover will have to have a fair amount of wheel travel, coupled with at least 32" tires and a good traction control system (they've already got 2 of those 3 on the LR3 and Range Rover) if they hope to compete with the likes of the JK and new FJ offroad.

Also, the article appears to be rather old, since the Range Rover Sport has been out since sometime around last fall.

Interesting info none-the-less though, I've been hearing for a couple of years now that Ford was planning to bring back an all-new Defender to the US soon.

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Posted: 2006/4/6 16:06  Updated: 2006/4/6 16:06
Just popping in
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 Re: Land Rover Vs Jeep in 2007?
True that the LR3 uses fully independent suspension, but the T5 chassis was designed to allow either independent or solid axle construction. It is still possible that the Defender could be introduced as a real off-road vehicle, which would be great for competition. I would hate to see the Defender, an icon global 4x4 transportation become a larger version of the technologically gifted, but durablity lacking LR3. I love Jeeps, but I can't stand to see a vehicle with as much history as the Defender relegated to snowy parking lots and the gravel road up to the luxury cabin.

Poster Thread
Posted: 2006/4/6 9:45  Updated: 2006/4/6 9:45
Quite a regular
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 Re: Land Rover Vs Jeep in 2007?
Competition is good. I doubt the LR could compete on the Jeep with price, but having some competition should help with content - engines, off road ability, etc.
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