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WranglerMotor Trend Reviews 2007 Wrangler
Posted by Anonymous on 2006/8/31 15:32:00 (2694) reads

I just received the October '06 issue of Motor Trend --it has the first thorough '07 Wrangler review that I've seen (6 pages). It doesn't appear to be available on the Motor Trend website (yet). It gives lots of kudos to the new design, but closes with the following:

"The Wrangler has gained about 300 pounds. Though the new V-6 has an edge of five pound-feet over the old inline mill, the TJ's PowerTech reached peak torque at just 3200rpm --versus 4000 for the JK's six. Add the extra pounds, and it's no surprise the JK feels less sprightly off the line."

Two steps forward, one step back. I'll miss that old inline 4.0L

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Posted: 2006/9/1 11:20  Updated: 2006/9/1 11:20
Not too shy to talk
Joined: 2003/1/26
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 Re: Motor Trend Reviews 2007 Wrangler

Here is CarandDriver's take, although not without their usual set of type-o's and chopped sentances.

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Posted: 2006/9/1 8:23  Updated: 2006/9/1 8:23
Quite a regular
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 The Car Connection

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Posted: 2006/8/31 17:00  Updated: 2006/8/31 17:00
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2006/7/25
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 Re: Motor Trend Reviews 2007 Wrangler
I've got a '96 XJ Sport with 147,000 miles and an '06 KJ Renegade D with 8,000 miles.

The 4.0 I-6 touts about 190HP while the 3.7 V6 has 210. However, the KJ just feels less "punchy." Add to that the "dead spot" between 2nd & 3rd in the 4-speed auto that causes it to race the tach, then drop to 1000, then race to 2500, then drop to 1000 ad nauseum when climbing a 35mph hill, and suffice it to say I miss the XJ at times...

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Posted: 2006/8/31 15:38  Updated: 2006/8/31 15:38
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2006/8/28
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 Re: Motor Trend Reviews 2007 Wrangler
thats one thing i luv bout my 05 cannot beat anyone on the freeway...but at red lights its off the line quick...

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Posted: 2006/9/1 7:46  Updated: 2006/9/1 8:23
Home away from home
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From: The Great White North
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 Re: Motor Trend Reviews 2007 Wrangler
I never had ANY problem smoking people on the highway, at speeds over110mph (max ~120mph?) and that's with 2 previous YJs and now my XJ. I've also driven at sustained cruising speeds of 100mph for several hours, with absolutely no problems with the 4.0. But, it helps to have an air tube intake, a catback system, some decent exhaust headers, and (if U tow) a low temp (160F) thermostat.

LOVE that 4.0L I6

Don't forget your Escort X50 or Valentine One.
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