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CompassCompass Sales Lag Behind Caliber
Posted by mike on 2006/10/12 8:55:24 (1585) reads


Early signs are that the Compass is off to a slower start than the Dodge Caliber. The average transaction price has dropped from $22,467 when the Compass was launched to $21,534 as of Sept. 24, according to the Power Information Network.

In contrast, transaction prices for the Caliber have risen from $17,059 at launch in March to $18,276 as of Sept. 24.

"The Caliber was an exceptionally strong launch," says Tom Libby, a Power Information Network analyst. Libby says it's common for transaction prices to dip as a vehicle ramps up.

Jesse Toprak, an analyst for, predicts cannibalization of Compass sales shouldn't be too bad unless dealers find themselves stuck with lots of Liberties or Grand Cherokees late in the fourth quarter.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2006/10/16 14:12  Updated: 2006/10/16 14:12
Home away from home
Joined: 2005/11/28
From: TX
Posts: 190
 Re: Compass Sales Lag Behind Caliber
"Compass sales lag behind Caliber"... well duh. The Caliber is cheaper and far better looking. I know they've been out a bit longer, but I probably see 4 or 5 Calibers cruising around for every 1 Compass on the road. The Compass' price range is too close to that of the Liberty to be a real "entry level" vehicle in the Jeep line-up and to have much appeal when compared to the Liberty, or the Caliber for that matter as most dealerships around here are combo Jeep/Dodge dealerships.

Poster Thread
Posted: 2006/10/13 20:28  Updated: 2006/10/13 20:28
Just popping in
Joined: 2006/8/15
Posts: 5
 Re: Compass Sales Lag Behind Caliber
Remember when the Liberty first came out..everyone said it was such a "grocery-getter" and wouldn't make it. Fast forward to now and there is no such talk. Give it time. It's brand new. Once everyone sees them on the road their younger & hipper appeal will strike more buyers.

Poster Thread
Posted: 2006/10/12 22:47  Updated: 2006/10/12 22:47
Just popping in
Joined: 2006/5/22
Posts: 19
 Re: Compass Sales Lag Behind Caliber
Here is the problem, they produce a sharp concept Compass that would huss a new segment in an UTTER way, then they produce some UNUTTER cousin of the Pontiac Aztek for a production model. If the Compass does fail maybe in the future DC's production models won't stray so far from their usually UTTER looking concepts.

Poster Thread
Posted: 2006/10/12 22:03  Updated: 2006/10/12 22:03
Just popping in
Joined: 2005/12/4
Posts: 4
 Re: Compass Sales Lag Behind Caliber
The Compass may have a double whammy ahead; Liberty sales were heading soft which caused DCX to load incentives on. The new Dodge Nitro will affect Liberty sales downward even more.

I had my Wrangler in for servicing today and the salesman I deal with noted that they could sell a Liberty for the same price as a Compass and customers see the value in moving up.

If only Jeep made a pick up truck, you know like the old Scrambler.................................

Poster Thread
Posted: 2006/10/12 23:44  Updated: 2006/10/12 23:44
Just popping in
Joined: 2006/4/11
Posts: 13
 Re: Compass Sales Lag Behind Caliber
Skramwish makes some good points. It's doubtful many buyers would get a Compass if they could buy a Liberty for about the same money. Especially since the Liberty is more capable, more "Jeep-like" and a lot better looking. With pricing about equal, the only reason to choose a Compass is fuel economy, and someone with mileage as his main consideration isn't going to look at a new model from a company historically known for making trucks. And once the Patriot is available, it will eat into Compass sales as well, since it gets decent mileage but looks like a Jeep.

Poster Thread
Posted: 2006/10/13 18:28  Updated: 2006/10/13 18:28
Home away from home
Joined: 2005/10/8
From: NW Indiana, USA
Posts: 154
 Re: Compass Sales Lag Behind Caliber
Personally, I'd take a Compass over the Liberty. If I didn't have my XJ, maybe I'd go with the Liberty. However, the current model Liberty isn't any better in appearance than the Compass.

From spy photos I have seen, the next gen Liberty might be a different story.

Let's compare apples to apples. We need to wait and compare the Nitro to the NEXT generation Liberty, which comes out next year. I think the Liberty will hold its own quite nicely--if spy photos are any indication.
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