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Wrangler2007 Wrangler on the Rubicon Video
Posted by mike on 2006/10/16 8:13:47 (2019) reads

Adam over recently posted a link to a 9+ minute YouTube video of a 2007 Wrangler on the Rubicon Trail in California. JKNation is a brand-spankin-new web site that offers forums and personal blog space for the 2007+ Wrangler community.

The video appears to be from, a website that specializes in videocasts about the automotive industry. In addition to selling various automotive-related videos on Google, the also offer an iTunes videopodcast.

The video is actually pretty good - there are lots of pretty shots of both 2-door and 4-door Wranglers traversing various parts of the rocky trail. There's no commentary - just the sounds of a bunch of Jeeps making their way along the trail. If you've ever wondered what it takes for a Jeep to be a "Jeep", then you really should check out this video.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2006/10/18 8:24  Updated: 2006/10/18 8:25
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2006/8/28
Posts: 95
 Re: 2007 Wrangler on the Rubicon Video
Outrageous pricing on the new 07 wrangler at dealers by my home in the dallas/fort worth area. I stopped by several dealers to take a peek and just maybe work out a deal on the new wrangler...shoulda known better!! 2 dealers quoted me $25K for a 4x2 x model and $29K for a 4x4 sahara....oh pullease i could order for much less....they are sitting on so many 06's sitting on the lot and want too rob a potential customer that wants an ya can keep your wrangler for now...i'll wait a year and let the dealers starve for business.......

Poster Thread
Posted: 2007/8/22 0:45  Updated: 2007/8/22 0:45
Just popping in
Joined: 2006/7/13
Posts: 19
 Re: 2007 Wrangler on the Rubicon Video
Go to the web site. You should be able to order a New JK at Invoice.... Don't give up! Jesus Drives Jeep

Poster Thread
Posted: 2006/10/16 14:26  Updated: 2006/10/16 14:26
Just popping in
Joined: 2006/3/7
Posts: 9
 Re: 2007 Wrangler on the Rubicon Video
Good comments loner. Never driven the Rubicon, but the music take is right on.

Poster Thread
Posted: 2006/10/16 13:38  Updated: 2006/10/16 13:38
Just popping in
Joined: 2005/12/16
Posts: 8
 Re: 2007 Wrangler on the Rubicon Video
LOVE this vehicle!!!!! Drove both an automatic (GREAT) and the 6 speed. This JEEP is AMAZING and the price is RIGHT! Who would have guessed all of the features for under 28k. We are getting around 17 mpg in town. Jeep has hit a HOME RUN with this one!

Poster Thread
Posted: 2006/10/16 9:10  Updated: 2006/10/16 9:11
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2006/2/24
Posts: 71
 Re: 2007 Wrangler on the Rubicon Video
It was pretty cool to see the 07's in action on the trail. I have some random observations.

I don't think it would be scientificly possible to take stupider lines on some of those obstacles than the journalists did. I have taken stock TJ's on Moab Rim and if you take your time you don't have to touch anything on the Jeep to the trail except the tires. But the Jeeps didn't seem to mind being driven by blind people so that's a good sign.

I like a lot of different music and generally try to respect music that I don't enjoy but... how in the hell can you wheel down the trail with easy listening and lite jazz on.
All those sat radio channels and you pick elevator music? Ugghhhh. I really don't want to hear from a journalist who is rockin out to Kenny G on the trail. No wonder so much automotive reporting sucks.
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