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Sales2007 Models Propel Jeep Sales
Posted by mike on 2006/11/2 8:38:13 (1726) reads

(from a Chrysler Group press release)

Chrysler Group reported sales for October 2006 of 159,586 units, an increase of 1 percent (3 percent decrease unadjusted) compared to October 2005 sales of 164,814 units. All sales are reported on a day-rate basis unless otherwise indicated.

"Our retail sales were particularly strong in October, led by the strength of key products like Jeep(R) Commander and the Dodge Ram pickup," said Steven Landry, Vice President - Sales and Field Operations, Chrysler Group. "Combined with the exciting new products hitting our dealer showrooms like Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Nitro, it's a great way to start the fourth quarter."

The icon of the Jeep brand, Wrangler, posted a monthly sales record of 8,679 units, an increase of 102 percent compared to previous year results of 4,475 units.

Sales of the Jeep brand increased 29 percent to 40,297 units. Last year sales of the Jeep brand totaled 32,431 units.

The Jeep Liberty led the SUV segment, posting sales of 11,004 units, an increase of 10 percent over October 2005 sales of 10,417 units.

The Jeep Commander posted October record sales of 8,079 units and rose 159 percent compared to October 2005 sales of 3,241 units.

     DaimlerChrysler Corporation U.S. Sales Summary Thru October 2006

Month Sales DR % Vol %
Model Curr Yr Pr Yr Change Change
Compass 3,342 0 0% 0%
Wrangler 8,679 4,475 102% 94%
Liberty 11,004 10,417 10% 6%
Grand Cherokee 9,193 14,298 -33% -36%
Commander 8,079 3,241 159% 149%
JEEP BRAND 40,297 32,431 29% 24%

Sales CYTD DR % Vol %
Model Curr Yr Pr Yr Change Change
Compass 9,790 0 0% 0%
Wrangler 62,913 69,172 -9% -9%
Liberty 114,218 141,403 -19% -19%
Grand Cherokee 118,351 178,119 -34% -34%
Commander 72,908 4,765 1430% 1430%
JEEP BRAND 378,180 393,459 -4% -4%

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2006/11/6 16:56  Updated: 2006/11/6 16:56
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2006/8/28
Posts: 95
 Re: 2007 Models Propel Jeep Sales
I think there were lots of folks wanting a wrangler but it did not fit their needs. Now with the new wrangler being more functional and easier as a daily driver for the softies, lol....more are being sold. Ive seen at least 8 on the road in the last couple of weeks and they look good. I guess the folks are paying sticker price cuz ive not been able to work out a deal on an 07 so waiting for incentives which could mean a year or so.....

Poster Thread
Posted: 2006/11/2 11:51  Updated: 2006/11/2 11:51
Not too shy to talk
Joined: 2006/10/25
From: Anchorage, Alaska
Posts: 37
 Re: 2007 Models Propel Jeep Sales
The wrangler sold better than the commander? What is this world coming to?

Poster Thread
Posted: 2006/11/2 12:00  Updated: 2006/11/2 12:00
Home away from home
Joined: 2005/7/13
Posts: 377
 Re: 2007 Models Propel Jeep Sales
Brand new model, incredible deals on the 2006 models...
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