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MiscellaneousJeep, Volkswagen, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz Team Up for BLUETEC
Posted by mike on 2006/11/29 8:18:18 (1690) reads

From a DaimlerChrysler press release

On the eve of the Los Angeles Motor Show, DaimlerChrysler, AUDI and Volkswagen announced that they intend to establish the BLUETEC brand name as the designation for particularly clean, highly fuel-efficient passenger cars and SUVs with diesel engines. Under the shared concept of BLUETEC, each of the manufacturers involved will be working on their own technical systems for meeting the world's most stringent emission regulations.

The latest J.D. Power study, "Global Outlook For Diesel," predicts that the share of diesels among first-time registrations in North America will rise to over 15 percent by 2015. It is in the light of this development that Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Volkswagen will be systematically expanding their ranges of diesel vehicles.

All three companies are convinced that up-to-date diesel propulsion systems play a major part in efficient and clean mobility. With their high torque, agility, economy and robustness they display all the qualities which American customers, especially, appreciate.

With their outstandingly efficient fuel consumption, which lies some 20 to 40 percent lower than that of comparable petrol engines, these particularly clean diesel engines now have the potential to comply with the toughest emission limits in the world. They combine ecology and economy with driving pleasure for the customer.

What is BLUETEC?

The name BLUETEC covers diesel engines with exhaust emission treatment systems which meet even the strictest emission regulations on the US market. The systems employed by BLUETEC serve in particular to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) -- the only constituent part of the exhaust gases which, due to the design of the diesel, inherently lies above the value for petrol engines. In this way it will in future also be possible to meet the strict limits imposed by the State of California.

Depending on the vehicle class concerned, various NOx treatment systems can be used. In one version, for instance, an oxidising catalytic converter and a particulate filter are combined with a further improved, particularly long-life NOx storage converter. Another way of cutting NOx emissions is even more effective. In this case for example AdBlue, a water-based additive, is injected into the exhaust gas. This causes ammonia to be released, which in turn reduces the nitrogen oxides almost completely to harmless nitrogen and water in a downstream SCR catalytic converter.

BLUETEC is a brand of DaimlerChrysler which is already being used by the corporation's Mercedes-Benz cars and commercial vehicles. In future the name BLUETEC will also stand for clean diesel engines from Audi, Volkswagen and Jeep(R) in the United States.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2006/11/30 18:12  Updated: 2006/11/30 18:13
Home away from home
Joined: 2005/7/18
From: Pennsylvania
Posts: 266
 Re: Jeep, Volkswagen, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz Team Up for...
There are soooo many good reasons to get a diesel other than fuel savings.
Durability, torque, insane aftermarket performance goodies, driving range, American grown fuels, non toxic fuels, lower emissions, tax credits, and there is that whole sounds like "big rig" thingy.
I'd gladly pay $1 more per gallon for BioDiesel if I were sure it was grown here in the US!

Poster Thread
Posted: 2006/11/29 16:06  Updated: 2006/11/29 16:06
Quite a regular
Joined: 2006/5/3
From: Minnesota
Posts: 42
 Re: Jeep, Volkswagen, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz Team Up for...
Now, only if Diesel wasn't 2.75 a gallon versus 2.13 for gasoline Diesel would be king.

Poster Thread
Posted: 2006/11/30 0:20  Updated: 2006/11/30 0:22
Quite a regular
Joined: 2006/2/17
From: Chicago, IL
Posts: 45
 Re: Jeep, Volkswagen, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz Team Up for...
Yeah, we've been begging for a diesel Wrangler for years - figures the price of the fuel would eliminate the mileage benefit before DC would give in - assuming they ever would...

Poster Thread
Posted: 2006/11/30 3:41  Updated: 2006/11/30 3:41
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2006/6/30
From: Kelowna, BC
Posts: 124
 Re: Jeep, Volkswagen, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz Team Up for...
Gas and Diesel are still about the same price here in Canada, so I'd still love to see a CRD Wrangler. In fact, this week... its about 20c/gal cheaper than gas.
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