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MiscellaneousJeep Magazine Ads Most Effective for Compass Launch
Posted by mike on 2007/6/18 0:20:00 (1558) reads

We recently stumbled upon an interesting Jeep advertising article that details the advertising effectiveness behind the recent Jeep Compass launch. The study found that magazine ads were the most effective advertising for driving sales (pun intended).


Dynamic Logic found that magazines, alone or in combination with TV and online, drove purchase consideration of the Jeep Compass more than any other medium alone or in combination with others.

The research also found that in each purchase stage of the Compass, magazines alone or with the Web were the most efficient of all media (TV, magazines, online) and combinations thereof, as measured by cost-per-person by metric and exposure cell.

What do you think? Which type of ads (TV/radio/print/internet) do you respond to the most?

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Posted: 2007/6/19 17:00  Updated: 2007/6/19 17:00
Quite a regular
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 Re: Jeep Magazine Ads Most Effective for Compass Launch
I'm sure those who responded to the magazine ad would have actually saw the TV ads of the bobble-junk, they wouldn't have responded so kindly.

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Posted: 2007/6/18 14:17  Updated: 2007/6/18 14:17
Not too shy to talk
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 Re: Jeep Magazine Ads Most Effective for Compass Launch
Did the magazine ads have the word "FREE" in them?


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Posted: 2007/6/18 11:28  Updated: 2007/6/18 11:28
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 Re: Jeep Magazine Ads Most Effective for Compass Launch
heh, well I definitely don't respond to the tvs spots fo the Compass, haha.

The only time I listen to radio that plays commercials is when I'm not the one driving, and I generally tune out that junk anyway, so radio ads are definitely not going to get any response from me.

I don't see much advertising online from the major car companies, but I mostly go to enthusiast sites, blogs, and forums. Places like that I probably viewed as too small to care about to the big ad agencies. As far as online advertising in general goes, I'll click a banner if it looks interesting, but I don't usually bother to read text ads like Google Adsense (the ironic this is that as I was tying this out, I noticed a Google text ad for go figure).

TV and magazine ads are probably what I pay the most attention to, as far as advertising goes. For better or worse, that, along with simply seeing the vehicles out on the road, is probably what shapes my initial impressions of a vehicle the most.

Now, when it actually comes to buying, the amount of info available on a mfg's website plays a huge role. Regardless of how cool I may think a vehicle is, if I can't get lots of hard facts about it off the mfg's website, I'm probably not going to end up considering it.
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