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Liberty2008 Jeep Liberty: First Reviews
Posted by mike on 2007/10/1 8:10:55 (3357) reads

The first reviews of the 2007 Jeep Liberty are starting to trickle in. Today, we feature two of the first reviews we've come across. The first, from is mostly positive. The second, from is mostly negative. From

The first thing you notice about the all-new Jeep Liberty is the attitude. Bigger and tougher-looking, the 2008 Liberty has a more commanding presence (yes, it does remind you of the Jeep Commander…) compared with the first-generation model.

This is partly due to the Liberty now being built at the same Toledo plant as the Dodge Nitro, where not surprisingly the two models rolling down the line are different versions of the same fundamental vehicle. Underneath, however, the Jeep has the goods to get the brand's "Trail Rated" designation, which means you can take it into some fairly severe off-road territory, and make it out again. Two four-wheel drive systems - Command-Trac II part time and Selec-Trac II full-time - are available (no rear-wheel drive in Canada). All Jeep Liberty models have a low range.

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Nothing says cost-cutting construction quite like hard, cheap plastic– and this sucker brought a megaphone. The Liberty’s dash could be scrubbed with a wire brush without offense. On the plus side, Liberty soldiers on with an excellent sound system, the window controls are back where God intended (on the doors) and sun and wind worshipers will love the [optional] Sky Slider Roof.


This stiff-legged problem has been well and truly sorted. The new Liberty’s independent front suspension (upper and lower “A” arms, coil springs, low-pressure gas shocks, stabilizer bar) and five-link rear (live axle, upper and lower trailing arms, track bar, coil springs, stabilizer bar, low-pressure gas shocks) make it float over broken surfaces with all the aplomb of Luke Skywalker’s speeder. If you’re looking for a Jeep that feels nothing like a Jeep, this is the non-Jeep Jeep to have. And yet…

Jeep's engineers sacrificed driver control. The Liberty’s over-boosted rack and pinion steering lacks any on-center feel; it tracks back and forth on the highway like an OCD bloodhound. You’d have to pay a professional boxer millions to take the kind of dive the Liberty executes when you stomp on the brakes. And any abrupt handling maneuver is followed by rebounding tremors. The Liberty’s sloppy handling dynamics are only bested (or should I say worsted) by the dreadful Chevy Trailblazer.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2007/10/5 12:10  Updated: 2007/10/5 12:10
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2006/8/28
Posts: 95
 Re: 2008 Jeep Liberty: First Reviews
The new liberty looks nice...but way to much like the Nitro. I was in a parking lot a came up towards the rear of the 08 Liberty and thought it to be a Nitro until i got to the front of the vehicle. Other than the jeep grill and markings id say its a nitro...maybe some added toughness underneath...but not worth the above sticker price the dealers are asking when i can walk to dodge and get the nitro which they are giving away....come on come everytime im interested in a vehicle their is some dealer trying to stick it to the the new wrangler...wanted one but was not willing to pay sticker same now with the liberty...oh well i'll just wait a year

Poster Thread
Posted: 2007/10/1 13:42  Updated: 2007/10/1 13:42
Just popping in
Joined: 2007/2/9
Posts: 17
 Re: 2008 Jeep Liberty: First Reviews
In case anyone is interested in an XJ/KJ owner here is my brief review on I went in expecting to hate and was actually very impressed. I would trade my KJ in a second. Today I saw an olive green Sport that looked pretty sweet.

That being said if I wa in the market for a new Jeep it would be an Unlimited Sahara.
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