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SalesJeep Ranked Near Bottom in Sales Satisfaction Survey
Posted by mike on 2007/11/15 8:15:24 (2797) reads

Yikes! Another day, another set of disappointing survey results for the Jeep brand. Results of the J.D. Power and Associates 2007 Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) Study(SM) were just released and Jeep is ranked 5th from the bottom of the list - ahead of only Mazda, Nissan, Suzuki, and Mitsubishi.

From the press release:

The study, now in its 21st year, is a comprehensive analysis of the new-vehicle purchase experience. Overall customer satisfaction is measured based on five factors: dealership facility, salesperson, paperwork/finance process, delivery process and vehicle price.

Lexus ranks highest in satisfying buyers with the new-vehicle sales process, achieving an SSI score of 897 on a 1,000-point scale, and improving by 10 points from 2006. Following Lexus in the rankings are HUMMER, Jaguar, Lincoln and Mercedes-Benz, respectively, rounding out the top five nameplates. For a second consecutive year, the industry achieves a record high overall SSI score, improving by 5 points to 852 from the previous record of 847 set in 2006.

Perhaps most surprising on the list is that maybe the Jeep brand's biggest competitor, Hummer (I refuse to write their name with all caps), placed 2nd in the survey.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2007/11/16 8:29  Updated: 2007/11/16 8:29
Quite a regular
Joined: 2006/5/23
Posts: 49
 Re: Jeep Ranked Near Bottom in Sales Satisfaction Survey
I can understand how they're that low. The only decent Jeep dealership in my area isn't big enough to be really competitive on price and even the decent one is pretty bad. The other two I've visited are full of snake oil salesmen. One of the Chrysler salesmen even had a changing number of kids. None of them will talk rates and out the door pricing until I get to the small room with the sales manager in it. Until then, they keep asking me what payment I'm looking for like I think paycheck to paycheck. I had to play the walk out game even though I was looking for a Commander and it's not like they could really afford to lose a sale on those. It was just a big nasty hassle and it shouldn't have been.

Personally, I thought my Mazda buying experience was particularly smooth but it may just be because I'm used to dealing with the scum of the earth Chrysler salesmen. I got a great price for my Mazda and the only hiccup I had was that they tried to give me less for my trade in than they said they would when I came to visit earlier in the week but they took care of that as soon as I pointed it out. They didn't have any junk fees. They didn't push an extended warranty. The salesman didn't keep pushing for my ideal payment. He'd actually talk about out the door prices and approximate rates I'd be getting. They just got me in and out for the price we agreed upon.

Poster Thread
Posted: 2007/11/19 12:48  Updated: 2007/11/19 12:48
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2006/7/25
Posts: 97
 Re: Jeep Ranked Near Bottom in Sales Satisfaction Survey
I had a pleasant buying experience at what is notoriously the worst Jeep dealership in my area. It went smoothly and was hassle-free. He sold the car to me on my terms. I was really surprised.

I did notice, however, that the salesman threw in a few quips that suggested he did not like the dealership or its management. Like when I mentioned that I was recommended by someone so that someone could get $200 from the dealership, he said that the owner decided to cut the tell-a-friend program because it was a waste of money. The salesman seemed to disagree with that idea. Six weeks after buying my Jeep, I got a letter from the salesman stating that he had moved on to a Ford dealership elsewhere and urged his customers to visit him there next time they're buying.

Poster Thread
Posted: 2007/11/15 17:30  Updated: 2007/11/15 17:31
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2005/8/11
From: Atlanta, GA
Posts: 80
 Re: Jeep Ranked Near Bottom in Sales Satisfaction Survey
Figures. Considering how many minivans and family sedans they're probably selling off those Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep lots, they're little press for them to learn much about the Jeeps. Sad, but true. GM can program a few idiots with knowledge of Humm & Hummerer and be done with it.

If they put more into the salespeople knowing and caring about the brand, it would go a long way to ensuring brand loyalty in new customers and maintained the faithful. Look at what it's done for Saturn.

Personally, I think that they should have dedicated Jeep dealerships that are a reflection of the brand itself.

Similar to those Land Mower dealerships...

Poster Thread
Posted: 2007/11/15 12:01  Updated: 2007/11/15 12:03
Home away from home
Joined: 2005/7/20
From: The Great White North
Posts: 494
 Re: Jeep Ranked Near Bottom in Sales Satisfaction Survey
As with the 2+ comments below, I think most of us will agree that the majority of car salesman simply suck.

How they can spend a 40+ hour week in a showroom of vehicles and know LESS than a moderately-informed buyer is beyond me.

The phenomenon is even worse with a Jeep salesman, since there is so much more information that they need to know about the product. I would expect the average Jeep buyer is very well informed, and would be disgusted by a puddin' head moron who can't even recite the HP & torque ratings.

But, as bad as the dealerships can be, it's still the Jeep product that sells, not the pinheads who lamely attempt to sell it.

Poster Thread
Posted: 2007/11/15 13:23  Updated: 2007/11/15 13:23
Home away from home
Joined: 2005/11/28
From: TX
Posts: 190
 Re: Jeep Ranked Near Bottom in Sales Satisfaction Survey
+3. It's not very hard to know more about Jeeps than the majority of the sales guys I've met that are peddling them. Considering most Jeep dealerships (around here anyway) are combo Dodge/Chrysler dealerships too, that makes for a good amount of vehicles to know about, but still, if that's your JOB, you'd think you'd at least have a fairly decent grasp of your products.

Hummer dealerships by contrast, are dedicated Hummer dealerships, and they've only got 2 models to contend with. It's a higher margin vehicle that to an extent caters to a different type of customer than Jeep does. Look at the top 5 brands... all luxury marquees. And yes, for all intensive purposes I consider Hummer a psuedo 'luxury' brand due to the cost and perceived social status of the vehicles. And yes, the Hummer dealership I've visited was nicer in just about every way than any Jeep dealership I've visited.

Poster Thread
Posted: 2007/11/15 11:12  Updated: 2007/11/15 11:12
Just popping in
Joined: 2007/7/20
From: Upstate NY
Posts: 20
 Re: Jeep Ranked Near Bottom in Sales Satisfaction Survey
Not really surprising. The dealerships I have dealt with can sell minivans to soccermoms and PT Cruisers to ...well, whoever buys them, but don't or can't deal with an informed customer who knows what they want in a Jeep, knows what they can do, and knows how much they cost...I would venture to say that most Jeep buyers are the most product savy customer base in the market, above even light to medium duty truck buyers. As far as service, most of the folks I know end up voiding the warranty within the first year anyways...and how many of us would rather take our Wranglers to some off road shop where they know what I want/need/expect rather than the dealership that has some guy who last worked on the DVD system in a minivan trying figure out the airflow system of your new K&N filter system...

Poster Thread
Posted: 2007/11/15 9:59  Updated: 2007/11/15 11:02
Just popping in
Joined: 2005/8/2
Posts: 15
 Re: Jeep Ranked Near Bottom in Sales Satisfaction Survey
Not surprising…The Jeep salesmen at the big dealership where I live are horrible. How they are a 5 star dealer I have no idea? To start they have no knowledge of the product. They are arrogant and stuck up. They are not willing to negotiate with the customer. Dealership and Brand loyalty mean nothing there. This all coming from a person who has bought 3 trucks from there in the past. After my last outing with them, I can say it was my last time. I will take my business elsewhere. Lastly, for all of you considering buying a truck from Rockland Auto Plaza in Nanuet, New York save yourself the trouble and find another dealership, Try Ramsey Jeep or White Planes Jeep much better people overall!!!!
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