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SalesInternational Jeep Sales Rise 11%
Posted by mike on 2008/2/7 10:47:54 (2654) reads

From Reuters news service

Chrysler LLC on Thursday said international sales in January rose 12 percent.

The U.S. automaker said sales outside North America rose to 16,784 vehicles, marking the second-best January results in the company's history.

Chrysler, which sells its vehicles in more than 125 countries, said Jeep brand sales grew 11 percent, while Dodge brand sales jumped 39 percent on strong demand in both emerging and established markets.

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Posted: 2008/2/7 11:07  Updated: 2008/2/7 14:02
Home away from home
Joined: 2005/7/20
From: The Great White North
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 Re: International Jeep Sales Rise 11%
Percentages vs. numbers & numbers vs. percentages...

16,784 represents little more than ~1.5 months of domestic sales of Wranglers --alone-- last year... inotherwords, a miniscule number. So an 11% increase is not all that impressive. Even if International Sales jumped to 33,000 next year (a near 100% increase!) that would compare to only ~3 months of Wrangler sales in 2007... BFD

Even more ludicrous: 16,784 vehicles sold in 122 countries (outside N.A.... -U.S.-Mex-Can) means an average sale of only 138 per country. I think they sell more than that in Deadwood, SD each year!

Yes, work is slow...

Better bragging rights for Chrysler would be a nice fat U.S. Government contract for a few 100,000 JKs for the Postal Service & the Military... And the Military could sure use some of those J8s, er umm, I mean JTs. So could we!

Poster Thread
Posted: 2008/2/10 16:38  Updated: 2008/2/10 16:38
Just popping in
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From: Sydney, Australia
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 Re: International Jeep Sales Rise 11%
MarkH, unfortunately your attitude is much the same as many of Chrysler's American managers.

Units sold are not the same as profits made.

Whilst Chrysler products are being drastically discounted on dealer lots in NA, we have customers screaming for cars they can't get.

I don't know how well the Nitro is selling over there, but here we can't get enough. The average Nitro transaction in Australia is around the AUD$48000 mark. That's for an SXT 3.7. Imagine how much more we could get if those morons running production would give us the 4.0 ! To put that into some more perspective AUD$48k = USD$43k !! We are not a hard-core discount market - Nitros, Wranglers, 300Cs, Avengers, Voyagers, most are sold at or very near to RRP.

Would YOU wait 6-9 months for a Compass ? We do.

The new management team is on the right track. Who cares about market share points in the US ? Build CJD's overseas image and presence as fast as possible.

Better yet, get a contactor ( like Magna ) to build the cars in South-East Asia somewhere. At least the quality would be acceptable.
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