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WranglerJohn McCain Owns 2 Jeeps - a 2008 Wrangler and a 1960 Willys!
Posted by mike on 2008/9/21 20:18:21 (3018) reads

A article in Newsweek recently listed the vehicles owned by each presidential candidate. While the Obamas only own a single vehicle (a 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid), the McCains own a total of 13 vehicles. What really floored me was the fact that one of those 13 vehicles is a 1960 Willys Jeep!

McCain's personal ride, a 2004 Cadillac CTS, is no gas sipper, but it should make Detroit happy because it's made by General Motors. "I've bought American literally all my life and I'm proud," McCain said in the interview with Detroit's WXYZ-TV. But the rest of his fleet is not all-American. There's a 2005 Volkswagen convertible in the garage along with a 2001 Honda sedan. Otherwise, there's a 2007 half-ton Ford pickup truck, which might come in handy on the Sedona ranch; a vintage 1960 Willys Jeep; a 2008 Jeep Wrangler; a 2000 Lincoln; and a 2001 GMC SUV. The McCains also own three 2000 NEV Gem electric vehicles, which are bubble-shaped cars popular in retirement communities.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2008/10/1 15:20  Updated: 2008/10/1 15:20
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2006/8/28
Posts: 95
 Re: John McCain Owns 2 Jeeps - a 2008 Wrangler and a 1960...
Obama with one car and Mcain with 13...i bet they dont even drive now...but ya got to have an american car in the driveway and a ford/jeep/gm are good ones to have to show you have American Spirit......I worked around the rich and they would go out and buy cars on a whim...maybe put a few hundred miles on them and they just sat and sat until they wanted something new and do it all over again....

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Posted: 2008/9/25 14:13  Updated: 2008/9/25 14:13
Just popping in
Joined: 2008/4/22
Posts: 10
 Re: John McCain Owns 2 Jeeps - a 2008 Wrangler and a 1960...
Another class warfare hit peice by Newsweek on McCain. Ronald Reagan owned a CJ-6, McCain is just following the following in Reagan's tradition.

I am by no means rich and I owned up to 6 vehicles at one point. Currently I have 3. A '88 Wrangler, 96 Cherokee Country and 02 Liberty Sport.

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Posted: 2008/9/22 8:07  Updated: 2008/9/22 8:07
Not too shy to talk
Joined: 2007/5/14
Posts: 21
 Re: John McCain Owns 2 Jeeps - a 2008 Wrangler and a 1960...
To further illuminate the car thing:

Detroit News: "based on registration records, that McCain and his wife, Cindy, own at least 13 vehicles, including a Lexus that is Cindy McCain's personal car, along with a Volkswagen convertible and a Honda sedan. Democrat Barack Obama and wife, Michelle, own a single vehicle: a Ford Escape hybrid."

... "Last year in South Carolina, McCain told an audience he had bought the hybrid for his daughter; in an interview with Detroit's WXYZ-TV, however, McCain said his daughter had purchased the car."

The 1960 Willys Jeep is an interesting choice, and a nice thing to have. That said, his choices seem almost random and I can't help but think he got the Jeep based on one of his kids' desires.

Poster Thread
Posted: 2008/9/22 10:10  Updated: 2008/9/22 10:10
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2005/7/13
From: Peoria
Posts: 150
 Re: John McCain Owns 2 Jeeps - a 2008 Wrangler and a 1960...
Like Obama or McCain will ever get to drive their cars now.
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