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Grand CherokeeJeep to Share Grand Cherokee with Maserati?
Posted by nashman on 2010/12/13 13:11:25 (1704) reads

A Maserati-branded SUV is likely to be built at Chrysler's Jefferson North facility in Detroit - the same facility where the Jeep Grand Cherokee is currently assembled.


Chrysler has committed to building a third SUV at its Jefferson North plant for its Maserati brand, but CEO Sergio Marchionne stopped short of saying when the plant will need a third shift to make it.

“As soon as we see how well the (Dodge) Durango does,” Marchionne said today at Chrysler’s Sterling Heights assembly plant. “It will take a while before we can bring the Maserati SUV in and that will require separate treatment anyway because of the quality of the interior and the powertrains which are fundamentally Ferrari-based.”

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2010/12/15 14:10  Updated: 2010/12/15 14:10
Home away from home
Joined: 2005/7/18
From: Pennsylvania
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 Re: Jeep to Share Grand Cherokee with Maserati?
Am I mental? All I see is opportuntiy here.
Could you imagine a Ferrari Jeep?
Look at what happened when Ford owned Ferrari for a couple of years back in the 1960's - they lifted the Pinifarina styles and put out the GT40. 40 Years later they re-released the Ford GT.

I thought a Hemi Wrangler was a good transplant. How about a V12 turbocharged Wrangler Rubicon Italian-style!!!

For those who don't know, the real Rubicon is a river in Italy. The trail was named after it.

I could just imagine the smile on Marchionne's face as the ad runs: "Before there was a Jeep, there was a Rubicon Trail high in the Sierra Nevadas. Before the Rubicon trail there was Rubicon river in beautiful Italy.
Cut to scenery, birds chirping, water babbling... and a 500Hp SUV blasts through it sending water splashing everywhere... as the drops fade down the lense... Rubicon Fiat Style.

"Jeep Rubicon. Powered by Ferrari."

Poster Thread
Posted: 2010/12/15 18:41  Updated: 2010/12/15 18:41
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2005/7/25
Posts: 91
 Re: Jeep to Share Grand Cherokee with Maserati?
The Rubicon River runs near the Rubicon Trail and crosses it via an old Iron Truss bridge. Thus the trail was named after the river next to it, which was probably named after the river in Italy. It was an old stagecoach road with a hotel at Rubicon Springs. There really is an old Cadillac that went over the side at Cadillac Hill.

Actually Bill Harrah had a Ferrari V-12 transplanted into his Full Size Jeep Wagoneer that he used to drive from his casino in Reno up the mountain to his casino at Lake Tahoe, high in the Sierras. He wanted 4wd due to the snow. I've seen that Jeep. They had to lengthen it about 4 inches as i recall.

Poster Thread
Posted: 2010/12/17 10:25  Updated: 2010/12/17 10:25
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2006/8/25
Posts: 109
 Re: Jeep to Share Grand Cherokee with Maserati?
Ford NEVER owned Ferrari. Ford was trying to buy Ferrari but the deal never went through. That is why the F40 was built... to beat Ferrari for pulling out of the deal. Get your facts straight.

As for Jeep building a Fiat or Maserati, this is just another nail in the coffin for our beloved Jeep brand. Jeep has very little uniqueness left. Everything is built on common platforms. There used to be a day when a Jeep was a Jeep and nothing else was like it... NOTHING. Now they are run of the mill, not leading the industry and watered down to drive nice on the road. At least there are still plenty of real used Jeeps out there.


Poster Thread
Posted: 2010/12/17 10:26  Updated: 2010/12/17 10:26
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2006/8/25
Posts: 109
 Re: Jeep to Share Grand Cherokee with Maserati?
Meant GT40...
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