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WranglerMopar Offering JK-8 Pickup Wrangler Conversion Kit
Posted by MarkH on 2011/4/8 15:16:00 (2177) reads

MOPAR is now going to appease us with a (God-knows-what-the-cost?) kit to transform your 4-door JK to a JK-8 pickup. No price has been announced yet, but Carscoop has some great pictures and additional details.

The do-it-yourself Mopar kit allows owners to convert a 4-door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited into a two-door pickup truck with seating for two and a pickup style bed. After the conversion, the bed length is 50 inches and the width between wheel wells is 44 inches. The package includes all the necessary parts such as the bed floor, inner and outer body panels, half hard top (works with Freedom Top panels), and a new bulkhead.

According to Jim Sassorossi, head of Mopar Sales and Marketing, an enthusiast that is very handy and works very fast can do the conversion over a weekend, but for most people, it will take a little longer than that.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2011/4/11 9:30  Updated: 2011/4/11 9:30
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2006/8/25
Posts: 109
 Re: Mopar Offering JK-8 Pickup Wrangler Conversion Kit
My bet is that this is a AEV "kit" which will cost more as it is branded and sold by Mopar. Why don't they just build them at the factory?

Poster Thread
Posted: 2011/4/9 8:47  Updated: 2011/4/9 8:47
Just popping in
Joined: 1999/4/15
Posts: 9
 Re: Mopar Offering JK-8 Pickup Wrangler Conversion Kit
I agree with Morty49 that I’m disappointed Jeep is not making this a regular factory order vehicle, but on the other side of things, this gives an option for those of us that have been wanting a small Wrangler pickup. Once the costs are released, we will have a better idea on if this is a good value.

I suspect when they did marketing research, and there is not enough demand to make this a standard vehicle in the line-up. This also makes Dodge happy as Jeep officially does not have a pick-up in their line. The AEV Brute costs around $9K for their kit, so I’d expect this kit to be much less.

[] Positives:
A new Scrambler like truck with some space behind the front seats.

You can do it yourself, or have the dealer make it, and it will look like it came from the factory

No real modifications to the drive train. The AEV brute does require some welding and frame mods.

No insurance or warranty issues – it is still just a Jeep JK Unlimited

You can buy a used 4-door Unlimited and upgrade it

Should be available this year

Could inspire other kit makers to make a Gladiator style

[] Negatives:
It’s not the Gladiator or the styling of the Gladiator

Swing gate, not a tail gate – maybe someone can come out with one…

Small pickup bed – 50 inches long by 44 inches wide

Added cost for the kit, and numerous parts to discard. You can sell them on e-bay, but a hassle. Maybe Jeep can offer a “conversion kit ready” version of the Wrangler without the back seat, and give us money back for the soft top and doors…

Poster Thread
Posted: 2011/4/9 0:21  Updated: 2011/4/9 0:21
Just popping in
Joined: 2009/1/6
Posts: 8
 Re: Mopar Offering JK-8 Pickup Wrangler Conversion Kit
What is Chrysler's problem with simply making a dealer ready Wrangler pickup on an Unlimited platform?

It would be less costly to the consumer than buying an already overpriced JK Unlimited AND then buying an overpriced kit to convert it to a pickup.

A solid factory Jeep pickup is long over due. Kits are already available.

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