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MiscellaneousHead of Jeep Brand Design Interview
Posted by mike on 2011/5/20 15:50:45 (1832) reads

The mothership recently posted an interview with Mark Allen, the head-honcho over at the Jeep design studios. While there wasn't anything ground-breaking, it was a solid interview and provided some comfort that things are going in the right direction. Some snippets:

I work very closely with our marketing group but again they look to me and the design team as the pointy end of the boat. Being with the brand for so long, there were times in the past that I was frustrated with certain missteps and miscues in our communications regarding the design work. Ive seen it done so many times and not to my liking. Now its my turn to put my money where my mouth is and get the design right.

The current Wrangler will not shrink. There may be a vehicle one day that mirrors the Wrangler that would be smaller, however we are not that far along in our product planning.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2011/5/25 1:08  Updated: 2011/5/25 1:12
Just popping in
Joined: 2006/8/30
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 Re: Head of Jeep Brand Design Interview
Mr. Mark Allan, A Dana 60 in a Scrambler is cool (JK8) however, it does not make a Jeep Truck.

The NuKizer wasn't cool because it was built on the JK platform. It was cool because it looked like a Jeep truck.

No matter what you come up with.....There is only one Jeep Truck.

J Series.

Thank you

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Posted: 2011/5/20 17:46  Updated: 2011/5/20 17:46
Quite a regular
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From: Chicago, IL
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 The REAL answers
"What inspired the design of the new Jeep Compass?"

We were taking flack from the regulatory agencies about low mileage across the board in our lineup, so we needed a cheap tin sh*tbox to bring the average up. We've also dropped the size of our minivan engines used in the Wrangler(r)(tm)(void where prohibited by law) to meet guidelines.

"What can you speak of that will inspire future Jeep brand models?"

I'll bet you didn't know that Jeep has a military heritage! Well, we do! Let me give you some colorful brochures...

"Along with the Jeep Seven Slot Grille, what other design elements in your opinion, evoke the quintessential Jeep brand design?"

There are none, so we've decided to paste plastic badges in the vehicles to remind people about our heritage.

"Weve heard the 2012 Wrangler will have a new look, what can you share with us?"

Well, I've already mentioned the smaller minivan engine, but also the interior is going to be "upgraded" to be more car-like than ever! We've also designed and engineered new Jeep Heritage placards and more sticker packages based on video games and B movies.

"How important are heritage elements when designing future Jeep brand products?"

Did I mention Heritage?? It's SO important, even though all our designs incorporate minivan engines and prodigious amounts of silver plastic. What could be more military than that?

"Will there be a 75th Anniversary Wrangler?"

Yes! It will be the Heritage Edition. Look for chrome 20" wheels, tinted windows, lots of stickers, ground effects, and curb feelers. 4x4 will be optional for the "serious" enthusiasts.

"The current JK is quite massive compared to older models, any chance the Wrangler will shrink?"

Absolutely not! Americans want big cars! The Wrangler will be growing like an aging prostate gland!

"Will Jeep eventually start experimenting with hybrid technology?"

Absolutely not! Our research has confirmed that our "target markets" prefer smaller minivan engines, sticker packages, and car-like cushy design. We're focused on traditional construction techniques and have no intention of spending valuable R&D money on this nonsense. People want their vehicles built around HERITAGE! Did I mention heritage?

What??? You want what?? Efficient, clean-burning diesels??! We sell them in europe and have no reason to even consider bringing them here. Why would anyone want that?

Poster Thread
Posted: 2011/5/21 7:34  Updated: 2011/5/21 7:34
Home away from home
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From: The Great White North
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 Re: The REAL answers
LOL! Careful! They may offer you a 6-figure position as VP of Marketing!!
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