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WranglerWall Street Journal Blogger Not Impressed with Black Ops Wrangler
Posted by mike on 2011/6/13 8:23:59 (998) reads

Jonathan Welsh, a blogger for the Wall Street Journal, recently posted his opinion of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Wrangler.

Jeep presents the Call of Duty Black Ops Wrangler, which is named for the popular video game, as the ultimate version of the Wrangler. It comes with an off-road suspension capable of traversing terrain that would send most SUVs and crossovers looking for alternate routes.

But it also comes with a lot of decals promoting its combat-ready theme. On the flanks is an emblem of a skull wearing a special forces-style beret. I think it’s a bit too much. The Wrangler doesn’t need to tie itself to a video game in order to have street cred. Besides, most of the people I surveyed said the stickers were corny.

It’s also a bit too much money. The Wrangler has always represented a lot of “cool” for the money, but my Black Ops test truck has a sticker price of $37,175.

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Posted: 2011/6/13 14:33  Updated: 2011/6/13 14:33
Quite a regular
Joined: 2006/2/17
From: Chicago, IL
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 Re: Wall Street Journal Blogger Not Impressed with Black ...
$37, 175!! That's an expensive sticker package.... On top of that, they should be getting lots of advertising $$ from the company that makes the "Black Ops" game.

Or do they actually have to PAY the company to use the "Black Ops" name?? I wouldn't doubt it... That you would have to buck up in order to become a rolling billboard for a video game company.

Why can't they just give us what we ASK for?? We didn't ask for sticker packages!!

While Jeep marketing "experts" pore over demographic data, the actual Jeep enthusiasts - those of us who actually want to buy their products - roll our eyes in bewilderment.

We want innovation, simplicity, durability, and a reasonable degree of economy in our Jeeps. We don't need expensive stickers and Lenny Kravitz!!!

Poster Thread
Posted: 2011/6/13 14:57  Updated: 2011/6/13 14:57
Quite a regular
Joined: 2006/2/17
From: Chicago, IL
Posts: 45
 Re: Wall Street Journal Blogger Not Impressed with Black ...
OK, I'll be more specific - here's what I want:

1 A cool version of the Jeep with no carpet, or minimal carpet, but with form-fitting floor liners because we often get in with muddy and/or snowy boots and don't want to worry about trashing the interior.

I've always loved the hose-down washout capability of a Jeep, but the new interiors look like they'd get destroyed if splashed.

2 An interior that looks more like a tough truck than a soccer-mom vehicle. Start by ditching the grey plastic and rounded edges. This is not a minivan, it's a truck. It has to be basic, analog, yet cool. Look at vintage Unimogs and Pinzgauers for clues.

3 CRD. A hybrid would be cool, too - if it would be durable and still tow a trailer.

4 Lock-out front hubs. Why not? They decrease drivetrain wear and improve mileage. Yes, we're smart enough to know how to use them, and if people insist on "4x4 on the fly" they can just leave 'em locked all the time.

5 Tow hooks, front and back, STANDARD. I think this should be required on all cars anyhow, since sooner or later everyone will get stuck in snow, sand, or mud and will need to get pulled out.

6 Full size spare. Typically Jeeps come with them, but not always.

7 No chrome. It just causes glare and needs to be cleaned and polished. This is a Jeep - it's supposed to get dirty.

8 No silly stickers. I don't want skulls, flags, or cartoons on my Jeep. No pinstripes, either.

9 Nice, big cup holders - no fold-out, cheap, plastic junk. My '97 TJ had fantastic cup holders - the kind that kept a tumbler in place, even off highway.

10 Manual tranny option, fold down windshield, removable doors. Don't be tempted to turn this into a car - I fear the next revision my well drop these features.

I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of things - but if Jeep is trying to offer special editions, why not make one for the enthusiasts? They've already made Jeeps for video game fans, movie fans, and Lenny Kravitz fans. Why not make one for us?
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