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WranglerVideo: Jenny in the Jeep Wrangler
Posted by mike on 2012/4/3 10:01:34 (24382) reads

Chrysler recently debuted a new Wrangler ad, a follow-up to the Clint Eastwood "Halftime in America" ad. Via The Toledo Blade:

In a blog post on Chrysler's Web site, Olivier Francois, the automaker's chief marketing officer, wrote that the ads were intended to be "stories of hope and encouragement."

It's a very different type of ad for the Jeep brand - what do you think?

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Posted: 2012/10/10 5:38  Updated: 2012/10/10 5:38
Just popping in
Joined: 2011/8/17
Posts: 20
 Re: Video: Jenny in the Jeep Wrangler
It's very emotional, if combined with a comment on the image background. Not typical for Jeep? But it is very targeted to specific audiences. Expanding horizons, not accidental sales are growing at an unprecedented rate

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Posted: 2012/4/5 0:56  Updated: 2012/4/5 0:56
Home away from home
Joined: 2005/7/18
From: Pennsylvania
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 In these changing times
Our family has just gone through something very similar to this ad. And yet I'm not really sure even I connected with it.
It's got potential, just doesn't close the connection.
I think a few angles to spin:
Is that even tho Jenny's life has changed, she can still count on her Jeep to continue delivering her family needs.
Continue to move forward, through every kind of adversity, obstacle, and through patience and persistance Jenny - just like her Jeep - can't really be held down.
Resourceful, persistant, and agile. Jenny and her Jeep are a lot alike.

In the last 5 years Jeep has sold over 1 million Wranglers since the launch of the Unlimited "Four Door" as people like to call them. Around the world Jeep is an American icon, imported from Detroit.

We are bringing the "I CAN" back to American.
Made in the USA!

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Posted: 2012/4/16 11:03  Updated: 2012/4/16 11:03
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2007/1/11
From: New Hampshire
Posts: 83
 Re: In these changing times
Please correct me if I am wrong:
To the best of my knowledge the major (over 50%) stock holder in jeep is Fiat.
Fiat is also the final say in Management decisions at the company.
Assuming I am correct: Aren’t you being just a little misrepresentative when you say “ We are bringing the “I CAN” back to American.”.
Shouldn’t you be saying: We are doing the best we can given that the company has been pretty much sold at a bargain basement price to Fiat
(financed in the most part by taxpayer dollars provided courtesy of the Obama administration).
It is nice that “Jeep is made in Detroit”
(assuming that it is: I am not an expert on the technical difference between the terms “made in Detroit” and “assembled in Detroit”.)
However, let us not kid ourselves regarding who owns the company and the fact that “I CAN” only if Fiat chooses to let US!

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Posted: 2012/4/3 14:04  Updated: 2012/4/3 14:04
Quite a regular
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From: Chicago, IL
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 Re: Video: Jenny in the Jeep Wrangler
It's creative, but has nothing to do with Jeeps.

How about, "At least we still have our old Jeep. I hope Mom keeps it forever."

Or better still, actually create a commercial that speaks to the people who actually BUY the vehicles - Jeep enthusiasts!

Want ideas?

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