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SalesApril Jeep Sales Up 11%
Posted by mike on 2002/5/2 0:00:00 (1187) reads

Grand Cherokee sales lead the way...

Jeep sales for April were 11% higher than sales in April, 2001, thanks mainly to increased demand for Grand Cherokee which was 10% higher than the same period last year. Also, in April, 2001 DaimlerChrysler sold 9,333 Cherokees, while in April, 2002, 12,437 Libertys were sold. From the offiical press release:

Chrysler Group reported U.S. sales of 200,421 units in April 2002, compared to 187,119 in April 2001, an increase of three percent.

"Having just announced a first quarter operating profit of $111 million, and with April sales being up three percent, we have every reason to be pleased with our performance," said Gary Dilts, Senior Vice President - Sales, DaimlerChrysler Corporation. "Total sales for April show that clear brand identities, desirable products and a strategic incentive plan can spur sales in a tough, competitive environment."

Jeep(R) Grand Cherokee demand was strong in April, with 19,142 units sold, up 10 percent compared to April 2001. Total Chrysler Group Sport-Utility Vehicle (Wrangler, Liberty, Grand Cherokee, Durango) sales of 46,580 units were up six percent compared to April 2001.

Jeep Liberty sales continue to be strong, selling 12,437 units, up seven percent compared to March levels. "Jeep Liberty shows that consumers recognize an exciting combination of value, quality and styling," said Dilts. Total Jeep brand sales were 37,687 units, up 11 percent compared to April 2001.

  DaimlerChrysler Corporation U.S. Sales Summary, Thru April 2002

                                 Month Sales    DR %    Sales CYTD     DR %
  Model                        Curr Yr  Pr Yr Change Curr Yr   Pr Yr Change
  Wrangler                       6108    6365    -8%   18495   20570   -10%
  Cherokee                          0    9333  -100%       0   43227  -100%
  Liberty                       12437       0     0%   47317       0     0%
  Grand Cherokee                19142   16770    10%   70449   75215    -6%
  JEEP BRAND                    37687   32468    11%  136261  139012    -2%


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Poster Thread
Posted: 1969/12/31 19:00  Updated: 1969/12/31 19:00
 Originally posted by: OR Bruce
Well, one of those Grand Cherokee sales was mine. After 13 years in Cherokees, my last lease was up, and I went to the Grand. The Liberty was too small, especially in the trunk, and I can't get used to the looks. The Grand is incredibly plush and quiet compared to the Cherokee, and clearances are very similar. My standard driveway test is to roll a 5 gallon bucket around under the rockers, and see how far inboard it will go.

Haven't gotten it dirty yet, but I was impressed with a friend's GC a few weeks ago. Off-road ride was way better, too. I'll miss the great looks of the old Cherokee, along with the visible corners, compact size, etc. I'll also miss my much cheaper lease payments. The GC was $100 more per month. I have a lot of photos and memories of Cherokees, but now am looking forward to enjoying my new luxury Jeep.

Poster Thread
Posted: 1969/12/31 19:00  Updated: 1969/12/31 19:00
 Originally posted by: XJKEN
It's good to see Jeep sales increasing, hope it continues. I wonder what inpact the 7/100,000 mile warranty has had on the sales figures. I for one think that
if the manufacturer puts a decent warranty on its products it shows the buying
public that it has confidence in its own product, and that they want you for the long haul. The problem is that with all the people who go out and spend 20,30
or 40k's on a vehicle and then beat the hell out of them and rag them out in
4 or 5 years time. Then if something goes wrong they complain and whine to their friends that the vehicle and its manufacturer are pieces of crap.
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