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SalesLarger Jeep Engine? License To Win, Jeep Sales
Posted by mike on 2003/7/3 0:00:00 (2507) reads

5.7 hemi coming to the GC Overland? How many antenna toppers fit in a Wrangler? June sales up from 2002

One of our readers recently completed a Jeep marketing survey, and from the content of the survey, he was able gleen the following information regarding the future of the engine options for the Grand Cherokee.

Just finished a marketing survey from Jeep. Couple of interesting points.
Looks like the 4.7ho will be dropped for 5.7 hemi but the torque rating were
the same as 235hp 4.7. I think the main point of survey was to determine if
owners/public would be willing to pay $2000-$3500 for a 215hp 376 ftlb
torque engine.

Overall prices seemed a bit lower than my o4 overland but probably just
reflected net after rebates that they want to stop.

Winners of DaimlerChrysler's License To Win Contest

Chrysler Financial, a DaimlerChrysler Services business unit, announced the two winners of a two-year lease with the "License to Win" contest.  Chrysler Financial invited participants of Camp Jeep® to guess the number of antenna toppers packed in a new 2003 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

The "License to Win" contest awarded the two lucky participants with the grand prize of a two-year lease on a new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. The winners were Susan Lake of Leesburg, Va. and Joe Keller of Centreville, Va.  Lake and Keller both guessed the number 9,800 and the actual number of antenna toppers was 9,816.

Camp Jeep is one of the nation's largest and best-attended annual vehicle ownership gatherings.  The Camp Financial tent, sponsored by Chrysler Financial, had Dealer Relations Managers on site to discuss the benefits of financing and leasing.  In addition, a roughed-up Jeep Liberty was on display to discuss The Credit Card Test® used to determine what the lessee's responsibilities are at the time of vehicle turn-in. Jeep owners also had the opportunity to apply for a Jeep Rewards Visa® Card.  Jeep Rewards Points can be redeemed for Dealer Dollars certificates to be used for services or products at participating local Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge dealerships.

Jeep Sales

Chrysler Group reported sales of 198,962 units in June, a six percent increase compared to June 2002, calculated on a day-rate basis.

The Jeep® Wrangler, with 6,599 units sold, was up seven percent, compared to June 2002 when 6,690 vehicles were sold.  Jeep Grand Cherokee reported sales of 15,099 units for the month, a one percent increase compared to year-earlier levels.

DaimlerChrysler Corporation U.S. Sales Summary Thru June 2003


      Month Sales

DR %

      Sales CYTD

DR %


Curr Yr

Pr Yr


Curr Yr

Pr Yr
















Grand Cherokee














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Poster Thread
Posted: 1969/12/31 19:00  Updated: 1969/12/31 19:00
 Originally posted by: BC
Camp Jeep (Camp Cheap) was not what it has been in the past....not nearly as good...not as much to do...may more expensive food...fewer give-a-ways...not as many companies represented and presenting their products and services.
Jeff Bell VP for Jeep made a fool of himself and gives you atrue idea that the "JEEP world" at Damler is not in touch with the Jeep public!

Poster Thread
Posted: 1969/12/31 19:00  Updated: 1969/12/31 19:00
 Originally posted by: VAJeeping
The amusing thing about the contest was that it was a tie and the German head of Chrysler financial decided that there could only be one winner. He pulled out a hat and two names, and proceeded to pick a winner. The crowd at the Camp Jeep finale boo'd and shouted "Two Jeeeps." The exec looked entirely unprepared and amazed that this U.S. audience wasn't going to quietly let one winner be picked.

When the head of Jeep marketing saw the PR fiasco, he came out and announced that the Jeep brand budget would pick up the second lease cost, making both of the winners true winners.

The way giveaways were missing and the cost of really blah food were out of site this year, you could tell new folks were in charge of the event. Campers dubbed it Camp Cheap rather than the Camp Jeep we all know and love.

Poster Thread
Posted: 1969/12/31 19:00  Updated: 1969/12/31 19:00
 Originally posted by: xjgary
I agree with Doug: The way to get more torque and better fuel mileage is via the 2.7 Diesel in all Jeep products. As a country we MUST do this! Bigger engines and less fuel efficiency cannot escalate any more, as much as we all love power and speed.

Poster Thread
Posted: 1969/12/31 19:00  Updated: 1969/12/31 19:00
 Originally posted by: to hell with hondas
is this the same hemi thats in the dodge ram?

Poster Thread
Posted: 1969/12/31 19:00  Updated: 1969/12/31 19:00
 Originally posted by: doug hetrick
I thought they already said that there would be a 5.7L hemi option for the grand cherokee in the future. What I wonder is how many people just want more torque and better fuel mileage. Of course I'm talking diesel. I wish they will have a survey on who would be interested in the Grand cherokee with a MB 2.7L
D I-5 160HP 295LB-FT (GC specs) city 22.6mpg, highway 34.9mpg AND 3.2L
D I-6 (E class specs) 224hp 368lb-ft.
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