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WranglerChrysler Group Makes the Stretch to Become More Flexible in Toledo
Posted by mike on 2004/5/26 0:00:00 (1010) reads

Zero down-time in launching Wrangler Unlimited

Building the 2004 1/2 Jeep(R) Wrangler Unlimited is more complex than simply stretching the wheelbase. Converting the manufacturing facilities -- including the oldest operating automotive plant in the country -- into modern, flexible production facilities stretched the ingenuity of Chrysler Group workers.

The new Wrangler Unlimited offers double the cargo capacity and is 15 inches longer than the original Wrangler. The Toledo (Ohio) South Assembly Plant encompasses the Stickney Avenue Plant, built in 1942, and the Parkway Annex, which began life as a bicycle plant in 1904. Stamping, body and paint facilities are located at Parkway; trim, chassis and final assembly take place at Stickney.

"For many manufacturers, it might be easier and more desirable to start with a clean slate and build a greenfield site," said Frank Ewasyshyn, Chrysler Group Executive Vice President - Manufacturing. "But Toledo is the home of the Jeep Wrangler and the loyal workforce provided the ingenuity and commitment needed to adopt the latest manufacturing technologies into a century-old manufacturing site."

From Old to New - Adopting Flexible Technologies and Processes

Toledo South Assembly Plant began the conversion to accommodate the longer wheelbase Wrangler in July 2003 during the regularly scheduled plant shutdown to achieve a rolling changeover. A rolling changeover enables a plant to continue existing vehicle production while adapting equipment and manufacturing processes for a new vehicle launch.

Another key enabler for the smooth changeover was the early introduction of flexible manufacturing principles at Toledo South. In 1998, the plant became the company's "guinea pig" by developing small teams, which later became standard operating procedure at Toledo (Ohio) North Assembly Plant, where the Jeep Liberty is built.

"Team-based operating principles and rolling launches are key to becoming competitive in the marketplace," explained Byron Green, Chrysler Group Vice President of Truck and Activity Vehicle Assembly Operations. "We put a plan in place for the Unlimited launch and we were able to achieve a zero-loss of production during the launch. Plus, the quality level was such that we were able to ship the vehicles to the dealers three weeks ahead of the launch plan. This was one of the best launches in the company's history."

Chrysler Group has been a leader in virtual manufacturing. Virtual tools were critical in finding innovative ways to fit 21st century tooling and robots into a facility with low ceilings, narrow passages and many concrete ceiling supports that are common in older buildings.

Once validated virtually, new robotics, paint systems and communications technology were integrated to make the plant more flexible and efficient, while enabling a quality build process in the body and paint shops. Already this year, facility and process changes have yielded an additional 5,000 vehicles without unscheduled overtime.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 1969/12/31 19:00  Updated: 1969/12/31 19:00
 Originally posted by: Marty Ross
here is my comment A very good article. This is good info. It is odd though, I understand a stand alone Jeep dealer in my area has had an UN for a coupla weeks and my dealer doesn't have a build date on any of their orders yet, this article makes it sound like there would be a quicker order fill than the way it is working. Thank you

Poster Thread
Posted: 1969/12/31 19:00  Updated: 1969/12/31 19:00
 Originally posted by: ScramblerKen

In the past with the last 2 Jeeps I ordered, I found calling Jeep directly got more info on my builds. I actually knew the arrival dates way before my dealer. The folks at Jeep were very helpful and fun to talk to.

It seems the current rumor for the 2005 Wranglers for a 6 speed manual and a Rubicon version of the Unlimited are likely to happen. I received code number TJJS78 as the order code for a Rubicon edition of the Wrangler Unlimited. The code makes sense as the 'S' stands for the Rubicon edition, and the 78 is for LWB Wranglers. My dealer can not verifiy this, so this is still just a rumor.

With the article, I was hoping that Jeep was going to offer more choices in the Unlimited model. A Rubicon edition will be great, but sadly, the chances of an SUT version of the Unlimited are becoming less likley. Rumor has it that there maybe an SUT off of the next gen Wrangler (TK). Unfortunately, the TK might be less of a Jeep, so I'm not sure it is worth waiting for.
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