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FacilitiesGoogle Maps Tour of Jeep Assembly Locations
Posted by mike on 2006/2/5 11:44:00 (4306) reads

We thought it would be cool (and I'm sure you'll tell me if it's not) to take a Google Maps tour of the various DaimlerChrysler Jeep production facilities around the country.

Let's start with the home of the Wrangler and Liberty - Toledo, Ohio. DaimlerChrysler has several facilities in Toledo, but the two main assembly plants are for the Wrangler and Liberty.

Jeep Wrangler: Toledo South Assembly

Jeep Liberty: Toledo North Assembly

The Grand Cherokee and Commander are built in Detroit, Michigan - not far from the American headquarters of DaimlerChrysler.

Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Commander: Jefferson North, Detroit, MI

The latest Jeep, the Compass, will be built in Belvedere, Illinois - unfortunately, the resolution of this area is fairly poor in Google Maps.

Jeep Compass: Belvedere, IL

Some other Jeep-related sites of interest:
Arizona Proving Grounds
DaimlerChrysler Headquarters
Rubicon Trail (map of trailhead just west of Loon Lake - more info)

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Posted: 2006/2/6 1:22  Updated: 2006/2/6 1:22
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 Re: Google Maps Tour of Jeep Assembly Locations
4 Wheel and Off-Road has an excellent article on the 2007 JK (not TK anymore), including frame, engine, interior, hard-top and full body photos of the 2007 Wrangler.

I'm not going to transcribe the article here, but here are some of the things that stuck out after reading the article.

The 3.7 L v-6 provides better torque and horsepower numbers than the I-6, but does so a few hundred RPM's higher up in the power band.

There is no 4 Cylinder option, as well as the I-6. Sad to see the I-6 go, but it could not meet upcoming Emissions Regulations...Before you say that the I-6 could have been re-worked for better emissions, I would agree that it could, however, the narrow width of the engine ( as well as the I-4) did not figure well into overall frontal crash protection logarathims, whereas a V-6 provided plenty of width, so, really, thank the FEDS for destroying the I-6.

That's okay, I read in an unrelated article that the Dodge Nitro R/T will get a 255 Hp 4.0 V-6, and I am guessing that engine will show up in the JK. I wouldn't expect a HEMI, though, as the HEMI's 'take' for Jeep products is only 27 percent, vs. 50+ percent for Dodge cars and trucks.

All Wranglers get the NV-241 Transfer case, which has double the bolts connecting the case halves for better sealing, and ALL Wranglers get fixed yokes front and rear, high strength driveshafts, and upgraded axle internals in both the 30/35 combo and the 44 Rubicon axles, as well as drain holes in the differentials (I'm changing my axle lube yearly from now on, just because)

The styling is straight on Gladiator (and I hope they build that too). Doors are removable, hard top comes off in 3 pieces, 2 over the front passengers, and a half-top over the rear passengers, and the soft-top continues to be available. There is also increased interior room, without changing the overall outer dimensions of the JK

O.O.J.'s YJ still sucks, as a matter of fact, after seeing the JK, YK should stand for 'Y'ou tradin in that piece of crap, 'J'erkoff?

At first glance, it appears there is no windshield hinges and thus no fold down winidshield, but before you girls get your undies all in a bunch, look closely at the center of the windshield over the heater intake grille, and lo and behold, the windsheld hinge. It looks even easier to drop the windshield than on a CJ-2A, again I am dropping my windshield all the time now.

The suspension is upgraded TJ style, with longer boxed control arms, a center mounted gas tank (Your government at work again), and a rear mounted muffler.

Overall, I am saving my pennies for the new JK, I am still waiting to see the 4 door, but even if i dont get the 4-door, the 2 door is still awesome.
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