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MiscellaneousQuadra Trac Confusion, Jeep Test Drive (2), Grand at Carpoint
Posted by mike on 1998/9/25 0:00:00 (1241) reads

One of our readers has clarified some confusing facts about the Quadra Trac II system on the new 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokees - if you're thinking about purchasing the new Jeep flagship, you need to read this (try to ignore that fact that I was partly wrong!):

I wrote to you a few days ago about the 4wd system on the 1999 Grand Cherokee. I asked about whether the quadra trac system is included on the limited 4wd models. You told me that according to your information, and edmunds information, that it was included. I followed you advice and looked at Edmunds online.

You were both right and wrong at the same time. The "Quadra trac II transfer case" is included on the limited models, but the "Quadra Drive" 4wd drive system is not. Apparently, Jeep has made the transfer case standard, but the vari-lok progressive axles are still optional on all models.

Put simply:

Quadra Drive is composed of the Quadra trac II transfer case and the vari-lok progressive axles. ($550 on limited 4wd models)

Quadra trac II is just the new transfer case. (standard on limited models)

The description of the new 4wd system is therefore confusing. See page 6-7 of the brochure and read the fine print. The majority of dealers have not caught on to the subtle differences in wording found in the information about the new model. As a result, many buyers are not going to get the advanced 4wd system that they think they are ordering.

Can't afford a new Jeep Wrangler or Grand Cherokee of your own? Accolade's Test Drive Off-Road 2 video game will let you drive them through some of the coolest off-road locations in the world...

Accolade, a leading software publisher and developer of video games, announced today that its Test Drive Off-Road 2 racing game will include 20 licensed vehicles and four licensed songs from three bands. The game will be available for the PlayStation(R) game console and personal computer in November of this year.

``Test Drive Off-Road 2 will put gamers right in the middle of fast paced off-road racing with access to incredible vehicles,'' said Monte Singman, senior producer of Test Drive Off-Road 2. ``The heart-pounding soundtrack from Test Drive Off-Road 2 and licensed off-road vehicles make for an intense gaming experience.''


The game will feature an exclusive license with Hummer(R) AM General and 19 additional licensed off-road vehicles including: Land Rover Defender 90, Land Rover Range Rover, Dodge(R) Ram V12, Dodge(R) T-Rex, Ford Explorer, Ford F150, Saleen Explorer, Chenowth Fast Attack Vehicle, Jeep(R) Wrangler and Jeep(R) Grand Cherokee. Access is given to eight cars at the beginning of the game; as players win races and advance, 12 additional cars will become ``unlocked.''

Players choose from 12 tracks in six real-world locations and drive over mountains, through deserts and across grass lands and beaches. Users have the capability to drive their vehicle in thick mud pits and splash through flowing rivers. Locations include a volcano track in Hawaii, the muddy trails of the Santa Cruz Mountains in California, the chilly mountains of Switzerland, deserts in Mojave and Morocco, and the green countryside of Wales.

Finally, Carpoint has posted information on the 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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