1999 Grand Cherokee Arrivals and Delays

Date 1998/9/28 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

1999 Grand Cherokee Arrivals We've been getting email from all over the country about the availability of '99 GCs (and it doesn't always make sense)...

A Jeep dealer in Athens Georgia that I have been staying in touch with concerning the arrival of the 1999 Grand Cherokee Limited called me today and said that the Limited would not be manufactured until mid November with an arrival date at dealers after the first of the year.

...but we also received this...

I have been hitting the pavement pretty hard trying to find info about the new V8's and when they are coming out.

Just this afternoon I was talking with the sales manager at one of the biggest dealerships in MD and he told me that he had just heard that he would be getting his first Laredo's with V8 sometime around the first of the year.

He also told me that he was getting a Limited with the V8 in next week. He said that it was especially made for him and had gone through testing, now they are releasing it to him. He is going to call me next week so I can drive it. He said that he would then sell it after letting those interested drive it.

...and this...

My local dealer said that he would be getting 5 Limiteds in next week all with the quadra drive and V8s. 26f and 26e Grands [Laredos] are everywhere. Another dealer reports getting in a 284 w/o quadra drive but with quadra track in within in the next 10 days.

Makes it kind of difficult to know exactly when we're gonna see the Limited. Another reader emailed us with this information about the Class III tow package holding up delivery of his Laredo...

I have ordered a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I ordered the 26f [Laredo] package with the class III tow package. The problem is that the dealer is telling that the tow package is holding up the building of the vehicle. Instead, of 4 weeks, it could take as long as 8 weeks to get the vehicle.


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