4-Door Wrangler CRD Sighting?

Date 2006/3/30 8:48:09 | Topic: Wrangler

Greg from JeepTales.com reports...

As I sit down to tap out this story I’m reminded of the of the old Sunday night television sitcom “Hee Haw”. Do you remember the cutaway segment, where several scantily clad young women surrounded a galvanized wash tub singing their tag line…“We’re not ones to go around repeating gossip…So you better be sure to listen close the first time!”?

During The Texas Spur Jeep Jamboree last week in Llano, TX as we sat outside our Ancira RV Motor home, visiting with our Jeeping buddies, exchanging stories and collecting thousands of photographs for the JeepTales.com website. The conversation over a few adult beverages and fine cigars turned to Jeeps, as it normally does. Without a doubt the most frequently uttered statement was: “If they build the new 2007 Jeep Wrangler in a CRD Diesel I’m in!”.

Well Jeepers it might be time to start gathering your pennies together or getting a part time Job delivering piazzas. I have now confirmed this story with not just one but three other sources. Earlier this month during a Dodge Caliper Training session in South Texas a vehicle Transport Truck was dropping off the Calipers for the training class. In order to take the Dodges off the transport the driver also had to off-load a new 2007 Jeep Wrangler 4 Door. As excited spectators watched the Transport Driver unload the Wrangler they noted that the engine sounded a lot like a diesel???

So when the Transport Driver turned his attention back to his load to finish unloading the rest of the Dodge Calipers, curious salespeople lifted the hood and guess what they saw? Yup; that’s right it had a CRD Diesel engine in it!!! According to the driver the 2007 Wrangler was on its way further south for performance testing. Does this mean that there could be a CRD diesel engine in the next generation of Jeep Wranglers? Only time will tell; I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything else.

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