Possible Diesel SRT Grand Cherokee?

Date 2006/4/4 5:26:00 | Topic: Grand Cherokee

One of our readers gave us a heads-up on this article from dieselforecase.com about a possible diesel-based SRT Grand Cherokee.

The information comes from an interview with Michael Accavitti, Director of SRT Product Planning and Marketing for DaimlerChrysler:
"I can imagine an SRT with diesel if it could deliver the essential five points of an SRT vehicle: a gorgeous exterior, awesome power, a performance-orientated interior, great braking and excellent ride and handling."

A recent visit to Europe convinced him that there would be no problem with any of the above. He said: "The torque of the Grand Cherokee 3.0 V6 CRD is unbelievable, it gives the impression of so much power. I drove a Mercedes E320 CDi with the 3-litre diesel V6 home and it was one of those cars where you deliberately catch the red lights so you can accelerate away!"

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