1999 Grand Cherokee Questions Answered

Date 1998/9/29 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

During the past few weeks, we've been trying to get some answers about availability of certain 1999 Grand Cherokees. A helpful reader sent us some information that goes a long way toward answering our questions. The reader says that the only GCs that are being delayed are those with Quadradrive - GC Limiteds are available now, but without Quadradrive. All GCs with Quadradrive will be available around Christmas. We've also been trying to track down what happened to "Patriot Blue" GCs. A Chrysler press release announced "Patriot Blue" as one of the colors for the new GC, but neither the Jeep web site nor any of the 99 Jeep brouchures listed "Patriot Blue" as a possible exterior color. The reader informs us that "Patriot Blue" GCs will be phased in during the middle of the model year. Here is the full text of the email we received:

I spoke to two separate dealers today who both spoke to two separate factory reps. Here's what the factory is telling dealers in North Carolina:

All models and model variations are available for order (limiteds, V8s etc). The only 1999 Grand Cherokee orders that the factory will be holding back will be models equipped with Quadradrive. Models that are equipped with this 4wd system will not hit the road until around Christmas.

My dealer has personally driven and delivered a V8 limited already. This model, however, was not made too order. It was factory spec.

Here is one other piece of news. The 1999 JGC will be available in a color called "Patriot Blue." This color will not be available immediately, but will be phased in during the middle of the model year.

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