The Lost Experience - with Jeeps

Date 2006/5/19 11:05:51 | Topic: Miscellaneous

While we're big fans of the TV show Lost, we're not such big fans that we're taking part in "The Lost Experience" - an online summer "fix" for crazed Lost fans who won't be able to handle an entire summer without new Lost clues.

Well, it turns out that part of The Lost Experience is sponsored by Jeep. The blog, The Pop View, says this:
This site is clearly connected to Jeep, as a sponsor, since they use the phrase “Let your compass guide you.” An earlier website called subLYMONal is clearly paid for by Sprite. That site gave a pass code that can then be entered at the Hanso Foundation site to give you access to content.

There’s Jeep content that seems curious, since it doesn’t seem designed to help Jeep sell their new vehicles. For example, in the user folder for Hanso communications director Hugh McIntyre, you find this old ad. If you go to YouTube and search on “Jeep, Dharma,” you get this old commercial (probably from the late Seventies) for Jeep CJ7; this ad is also linked in McIntyre’s mailbox.
Check it out and let us know what you find...

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