Jeep Vs. Helicoptor

Date 2006/5/23 9:51:28 | Topic: Miscellaneous has an interesting article about an auto accident in Russia where a Jeep go tinto an accident with a trailer carrying a Russian-made helicoptor (can you tell it's been a slllloooowww news week?).
In what is surely one of the more unusual traffic accidents reported in recent days, an unspecified 'jeep' crashed into a helicopter in Russia, close to the town of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski.

So... did some thrill-seeking Russian redneck out for a spot of stunt jumping in his 4WD clip an airborn Chinook? Well, not so much. Truth is, the chopper was being towed on a flatbed at 1:30 am on a fog-shrouded night, and the inebriated jeep junkie misjudged the width of the ground-bound aircraft.

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