99GC Quadra-Trac II Availability??

Date 1998/10/2 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

We've received an emails suggesting that Quadra-Trac II is readily available (contradicting earlier reports)...

I don't agree with the rumor that the Quadra Drive is not available yet. My local dealer here in Houston faxed me an invoice of a 1999 Grand Cherokee Limited 2 weeks ago that was being delivered with the V8 and the Quadra-Trac II center differential and the Vari-Lok Progrssive axles. The car actually arrived last Thursday (Sept 24th), but I could not see it as I was going out of town that same afternoon. When I got back earlier this week, the car was already sold and gone. (I had wanted to test out the Limited with the V-8.) BTW, this was the '99 Grand Cherokee Limited with the 28K package. Invoice price of $34,453 (wholesale) and $37,750 (retail price).

Please note however that the only 99 JGC the dealer has in stock at the moment are Laredos with the "E" package.

Another reader sent us some info about V8 availability:

The November Motor Trend has an article on the 99 Grand Cherokee on page 59. The test is on a limited with the V8 and Quadra drive. As tested price is $36,655, 0-60 is 7.2 sec. Dealers in my area continue to tell me that they are expecting V8's in any day. One dealer told me that these are all spec cars.

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