Jeeps Low in Initial Quality - Again

Date 2006/6/10 9:40:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

The Toledo Blade has a great synopsis of the results of the J.D. Power Initial Quality Study for the Jeep brand:
Even when design and production are weighed separately, Toledo-made Jeep Libertys and Jeep Wranglers still can't break into a vaunted list of top compact sport-utility vehicles based on initial quality.


Although the Liberty fared at about average and was ranked ninth in the compact SUV segment, the Wrangler was below average at No. 15.

Buyers of the two local SUVs complained about wind noise; on the Liberty, brake noise was among problems reported, and for the Wrangler excessive fuel consumption was among the complaints, said Chance Parker, J.D. Power's executive director of product and research analysis.

"They both have different problems," he said.


Dan Henneman, chairman of United Auto Workers Local 12's Toledo Jeep unit, said the Wrangler is notorious for wind noise, a problem being addressed in the redesigned 2007 model. He said other complaints about both SUVs will be taken seriously.

"Anything J.D. Power has a problem with, we try to improve on," he said. "We always try to improve on our quality."

Overall, the Toledo-born Jeep brand had 153 problems per 100 vehicles, far more than the industry average of 124. Still, noted a DaimlerChrysler AG spokesman, Jeep beat out fellow SUV heavyweights Hummer and Land Rover, the latter with 204 problems per 100 vehicles, the worst-rated brand in the survey.

"That's a good sign," said Chrysler spokesman Sam Locricchio.
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