Grand Cherokee Car Wash Incident - Again.

Date 2006/6/21 6:19:00 | Topic: Grand Cherokee

Back in March of this year, we posted this article about sudden acceleration in Grand Cherokees.

The issue surfaced again this week with another incident in Ohio, when a car wash employee was injured when a Grand Cherokee suddenly went forward in a car wash.

The article goes on to describe how the Jeep traveled 75 feet before it was brought under control. The most telling quote from the article is this:
Hiltman said her employee, while shaken up by the incident, has returned to work. "We're not doing any more Jeeps,'' she said. "And our new policy is for every vehicle to be put into 'park' before it gets turned on."

So, it wasn't their policy to put every vehicle in park before turning it on? Hmmm...

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