Jeep Parkway Plant Sees Final Days

Date 2006/6/27 12:41:20 | Topic: Facilities

The Toledo Blade has a nice article about the last days of Jeep production at the historic Parkway plant in Toledo:
For more than 80 years, two smokestacks bearing “Overland” spelled out in brick have towered over Toledo’s Jeep Parkway plant, a remnant of the auto company that started the massive complex in 1910.

But like Willys-Overland Motor Co., what remains of the nation’s longest-operating auto plant will become defunct this week and eventually torn down, wrenching the hearts of workers and retirees such as Lucy Bonilla, Barbara Wawrzyniak, and Marv Machinski. Retirees such as Bob Thompson, however, look to the future.

About a third of Jeep Parkway was demolished in 2002, and a time line for the rest — including the circa-1920 smokestacks, visible from I-75, which generations of local residents identify with — has not been determined, a company spokesman told The Blade last week.

It's a pretty thorough article, including a timeline history of the facility. The last Wrangler is scheduled to be completed 11am Friday.

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