Jeep Compass Arrives at Dealers!

Date 2006/7/8 21:42:23 | Topic: Compass

We recently got a message from a Jeep dealer in the Toledo area that reports that he's received his first batch of Compasss:
Just wanted to give you guys a heads up. We recieved our first two Jeep Compass's yesterday. They have been released!!! We are the main local dealership in Toledo where they build the Libterty, Nitro, and the Wrangler.

Can anyone confirm this? Has anyone else seen them on dealer lots?

We checked this dealer's online inventory list on their web site and didn't see any Compass's so we're not sure what to think yet...

By the way, what is the plural of Jeep Compass? Jeep Compass's? Jeep Compasses? Jeep Compai?

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