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Date 2006/7/11 15:03:31 | Topic: Compass

Sounds like this review is from the recent Compass media test drive in Portland, OR. Here's a snippet:
Roughing it in the bush was also a pleasant experience. Not once did I, or my driving companion feel like the Compass wouldnt be able to complete the task at hand. Mind you, we werent rock crawling or ascending up particularly steep inclines. We took it through some fairly rough terrain, though, and when slippage from the moist ground occurred, the Freedom Drive 1 system assumed its role and got the car rolling again. Furthermore, when the brakes needed to be applied, the standard four discs with ABS and ESP came into play.

My favorite part of the test day was playing at the beach, in the rain! I cant say that at any other point in my automotive career has anyone handed me a vehicle and literally said, "Go nuts!" What a blast! The Compass was fabulous in the sand; a real opportunity to put its 4WD functions to use, especially activating the lock mode specifically engineered to assist on low-traction surfaces like snow, or better yet, sand. The day could only have been made better if there was a snow covered mountain to play around on. But I guess that just means Ill have to take a Compass out on a snowy day this coming winter, and "go nuts" once again.

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