MiniTruckin' Compass Review

Date 2006/7/14 13:09:55 | Topic: Compass just posted their review of the Jeep Compass:
If Jeep is indeed interested in courting enthusiasts with the Compass, the perfect way to do it would be with an SRT version. We could envision an all-wheel drive Compass SRT with the Caliber SRT's 300-horsepower turbocharged engine mated to a reponsive six-speed manual. In terms of styling, the aggressive styling cues showcased on the pre-production Compass concept vehicle would perfectly complement its more purposeful mission. Voila! An American alternative to the WRX wagon!

As it currently stands, however, the Compass merely represents a "brand extension" for Jeep. It's a competent, practical entry into the compact crossover segment. But it's not going to revolutionize the market, or burst onto the scene with great fanfare. Urban dwellers with a propensity for purchasing, or that have pets, will likely find the Compass an attractive option for their lifestyle. But until the responses are tightened up, the styling accentuated with slightly more aggressive cues, and a little more firepower stuffed under the hood, the Compass is not likely to register on many enthusiasts' radar screens.

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