Jeep Wrangler to Get Optional 20GB Entertainment System

Date 2006/7/20 8:56:19 | Topic: Wrangler recently got an up-close look at Chrysler's new 20GB in-car entertainment system:
Chrysler raises the bar on in-car technology with the MyGiG: a 20GB hard drive embedded in the dashboard for ripping CDs and for storing navigation data. Included is a Gracenote lookup engine to provide artist, track, and title information; this is the first use of Gracenote in a new-car audio system in North America.


The MyGiG hard disk holds navigation data, system software (about 1GB), up to 1,600 MP3 or WMA files (allocated a bit less than half the hard disk), and the Gracenote lookup engine. When you rip a CD, Gracenote music ID software provides the artist, title, and track information for the most popular of its 4 million CDs on file. You can also upload photos for a slide show and select one to be used as a screensaver.


The MyGig will be available initially in fall 2006 in one car from each of Chrysler's three brands: the Chrysler Sebring, Dodge Nitro, and Jeep Wrangler. There's also a 20GB hard drive in the console of the $85,000 Mercedes-Benz S-Class LINK, and while they're both sourced through the Harman Group, a Chrysler spokesman says they're different, particularly since the Mercedes uses its drive for navigation data only.

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