Unofficial Wrangler Unlimited Pricing

Date 2006/7/25 21:58:05 | Topic: Wrangler

We've been getting various reports from all over the web in about pricing for the 2007 Wrangler Unlimited:
Information from and have confirmed
pricing information by dealers on the boards that state
that the pricing for the Unlimiteds will range from $24k to

Pricing on 2007 unlimited's now available
4x4 x $23,500
Sahara loaded $30,650
Rubicon loaded $33,750

Here are some examples of the some Unlimiteds with options
Rubicon MSRP
The Rubicon's Base Price: $28,235
Automatic: $825
Paint(Jeep Green) $150
Locking gas cap: $15
Sirius: $195
REQ, upgraded 6 disc stereo: $350
Tint: 300
Floor mats: $50
Power Convenience Group: $800
Trailer Tow Group: $220
Dual Top: $1585
Destination: $600

Total: $33,385

Sahara MSRP
Sahara base price: $26,075
Automatic: $825
Paint: $225
Mats: $50 Smile
Supplemental side air bags: $490
Trailer tow group: $220
Dual top group: $1,585
Destination: $660

Total: $30,130
Invoice is $27,978 (one of our fine advertisers) has pricing info on the 2007 Compass, Wrangler, Liberty, and Grand Cherokee.

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