Compass Gets Slammed in Consumer Panel Review

Date 2006/8/3 16:23:00 | Topic: Compass

The Detroit News recently set its consumer automotive panel loose on the 2007 Jeep Compass and the results aren't pretty.
But things turned ugly when the panel, which includes a Southfield hair stylist, a University of Michigan freshman and a Detroit bus driver, got behind the wheel of the Caliber's sister vehicle, the much-anticipated 2007 Jeep Compass.

After putting nearly 2,000 miles on three Compasses over the course of two weeks in July, an equally amazing 10 out of 10 panelists said they wouldn't buy the compact SUV, which is Jeep's first front-wheel-drive, car-based model.

Only two out of 10 said they would recommend the five-passenger Compass to their families and friends. And one of those, 21-year-old Detroit resident Meah Khrysteana Tweh, said she did so with reservations and thought it would be suitable for a "mature" audience only.

The panel not only hated the newest Jeep, they expressed concern that the car-like vehicle -- which the Chrysler Group describes as a "breakthrough" product -- was pointing the brand in the wrong direction.

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