Dakar to be Built???

Date 1998/10/15 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

We're not sure if we should file this in the "reliable source" category or not, but we found this on the www.car-truck.com website...

Sources close to Jeep manufacturing report that Chrysler is planning a production version of the Jeep Dakar concept vehicle. While Chrysler will not confirm this report, our source stated without hesitation that Jeep® is working with suppliers to prepare for Dakar production as a 2000 model.

Unveiled two years ago at the North American Auto Show in Detroit, the four-door Wrangler featuring a variety of off-road amenities was an instant hit with our readers. We have received a steady stream of enthusiastic comments and questions regarding Dakar. Most assumed the four-door Wrangler was a new model rather then a concept vehicle. This one from C. Weiss was typical: "When is the Dakar going to go into production and what is an estimate on the cost?"

Others realized it was a concept and tried to give Jeep® some good reasons to build it: "it would be big among those who owned a Wrangler once before and now have a family" wrote Gillian Mattimore. But it was this brief note from Ed Duncan that best summed up the opinions of most who took the time to write: "I want one!!!!!"

Our source tells us Jeep will unveil the four door Wrangler at the 1999 North American International Auto Show in January. Production versions will show up in late 1999 as 2000 models. There is still no word if Jeep will retain the Dakar name."

Check out this story in our old news area that features additional info and a photograph of the Dakar concept vehicle.


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