1999 Jeep MSRPs, New 99GC Brochure

Date 1998/10/19 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Chrysler has released the "official" manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) for the Jeep line. None of this is really "new" news, but it's the first time Chrysler has released this information in an "official" way. For the invoice pricing, check out Edmunds web site.

NOTE: The destination charge is $525 for all vehicles.

Jeep Cherokee
SE 2WD Four-Door17,025
SE 2WD Two-Door15,985
Sport 2WD Four-Door19,745
Sport 2WD Two-Door18,710
Classic 2WD Four-Door21,055
SE 4WD Four-Door18,535
SE 4WD Two-Door17,500
Sport 4WD Four-Door21,255
Sport 4WD Two-Door20,220
Classic 4WD Four-Door22,570
RHD 2WD Four-Door21,045
RHD 4WD Four-Door22,555
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Laredo 2WD25,800
Limited 2WD31,565
Laredo 4WD27,770
Limited 4WD33,995
Jeep Wrangler
Wrangler SE14,280
Wrangler Sport17,810
Wrangler Sahara19,970

One of our faithful contributors has informed us that there is a new 99GC brochure available at Jeep dealerships...

There is a new brochure available at the dealership that is exclusive to the Grand Cherokee it is a large brochure that has all kinds of neat pictures and information about the Grand Cherokee. This is the fourth brochure on the Grand Cherokee I have seen from Jeep and it is by far the best. (The first brochure was the fold out, the second was the full line brochure with no option packages listed, the third was the "Jeep Book" and the fourth is exclusive to the Grand Cherokee.)


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