Compass Review

Date 2006/8/15 8:31:42 | Topic: Compass

Jalopnik recently reviewed the 2007 Compass and while they found it to be a good vehicle, they summed it up with this phrase: it's not a Jeep.
What do I mean by somewhat rougher terrain? About the only place a Compass won't be flummoxed off-road is a flat stretch of hard-packed dirt. On a short trail of light crag, lock mode felt similar to that of a standard AWD car. That is to say, woe to it on a hard, rutted doubletrack. But again, Jeep is marketing the Compass as a versatile vehicle that offers just a "piece of the Jeep experience." It is a fun vehicle to drive, with more responsive pickup than the standard Caliber. With the seating set higher than most cars', it at least offers the on-road feel of a "real" Jeep. But with an MSRP of only $15,985 -- it comes at two-thirds the cost. In the end, the Compass is a versatile car with some decent storage room that can handle run-of-the-mill snow showers with aplomb. But it's not a Jeep, so why call it that?

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