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Date 2006/8/18 8:21:22 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Another great feature of Camp Jeep is the Engineering roundtables. These are generally run by someone from marketing, but there are many engineers in attendance. This is an opportunity for us to ask some general questions as well as let Jeep ask us questions. If you are careful and read between the lines, you sometimes can get a hint of future developments.

I was fortunate to have time to attend a couple of sessions, and I thought I would share a couple of things that were discussed at the round tables I was at:

Moderator: How many of you drop the windshield down on your Wrangler?
Audience: Only one person said he did.
Moderator: Oh, then if we removed this feature you would not mind?
Audience: A big uproar that 'do not take away this feature' ensued. This is what makes a Jeep a Jeep. (you get the picture).

Moderator: How important is the Dana name?
Audience: There was a long discussion, but in summary it is important to most.

Moderator: What if we offered a 'Rubicon' version of the Jeep Liberty?
Audience: Would it have solid axels?
Moderator: Ok, let's say it does...
Audience: Some like the idea some did not. I said why bother? If you now offer a 4-door Wrangler in a Rubicon edition, what is the point?

Audience: When are we going to get a Diesel option on the Wrangler?
Moderator and Engineers: It is not so much that we do not want to offer this option; the problem is the Government regulations for emissions have been a big issue. Even VW will not be offering any diesel vehicles for 2007. The Liberty diesel was a good seller, but the emission standards ruled out that engine for 2007. We are planning on a clean burning diesel for the Grand soon. (Sadly, they did not mention any plans for the Liberty or Wrangler).

Audience: What kind of creature were you thinking could sit in that 3rd row of seats in the Commander? We don't know of any humans that could get back there.
Moderator: What if we made the 3rd row of seats removable?
Audience: How about eliminating the 3rd row or making it an option?

Moderator: Would anyone be interested in a system on the Grand to alert you when someone is in your blind spot?
Audience: Sounds interesting. How about a camera or alert system when you are backing up too?
Moderator: How much would you be willing to pay for such items?

Ok, this is just a couple of things I heard. Since the round tables can all be different, maybe someone else heard something interesting. How about posting what you heard in the comments section?

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