Camp Jeep Needs Your Help!

Date 2006/8/22 16:23:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

The future of Camp Jeep is in jeopardy...

Jeepís Marketing department, which funds Camp Jeep, is considering pulling the plug on future Camp Jeep events.

If you haven't been to a Camp Jeep, hopefully you will still have a chance to do so in future years. Camp Jeep caters to anyone and everyone that loves to experience life behind the wheel of a Jeep. First and foremost, there are the trail rides. Other exciting activities include an engineering tent where you can ask Jeep engineers questions about your vehicle, round table discussions where you can voice your opinions about current and future Jeeps, tons of family-based activities (SRT-8 Driving Experience, Jeep 101 Off-Road Test Drives, rock climbing, mountain bike riding and pro MTB racing, skate boarding--hands on or watching Tony Hawk, etc...), air shows, live music with rockiní concerts, a huge fireworks display, and so on.

Camp Jeep is a great time for one and all, and has been for twelve years. In fact, Camp Jeep was named the best customer owner appreciation event in the world in 2004. If attending Camp Jeep in 2007 and beyond is on your to-do list, itís time to make your voice heard. Hearing directly from Jeep owners about the importance of Camp Jeep may be the only thing that saves it.

There are two ways to show your support for Camp Jeep. First, sign the online petition at today. In addition to signing the petition, please send an e-mail to Choose "Contact Us" from the bottom of the page, and then choose "I Need Customer Assistance." Write a few words in support of Camp Jeep, and submit your e-mail. E-mails submitted on this web page will go directly to Jeepís Marketing Department.

With your help and the help of Jeep owners everywhere, you can help tip the scales in favor of keeping Camp Jeep alive. If you or anyone you know supports Camp Jeep, please refer them to this story on JeepNewsNow and ask them to support the grassroots campaign to save Camp Jeep.

Respectfully submitted by Tom Lynch, owner of a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport and a 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in support of future Camp Jeep events.

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