Got a Blind Spot? The Commander Does - and it is Big!

Date 2006/8/25 11:53:24 | Topic: Commander

Consumer Reports testing has indicated that the "blind spot" of the Jeep Commander is the worst that they've tested - and that includes over 200 vehicles.

A DaimlerChrysler spokesman didn't have too much to say in rebuttal other than the fact that they take safety very seriously and will "take it into consideration in designing future products".

Previous to the Commander taking the crown, the 2002 Chevy Avalanche had the worst blind spot for a 5'1" driver at 51'. The Commander's blind spot for the same size drive is 69'.

Knowing that the a rearview video camera option is available (as part of a navigation package that costs well over $1,000) for the Commander, we're thinking that might be money well-spent for drivers of lesser stature.

From the web site:
The magazine's testers concluded that a driver 5 feet 1 inch tall could not see the top of a 28-inch-tall traffic cone placed behind the Commander and meant to represent a child until the cone was moved 69 feet back from the Jeep's rear bumper. For a driver 5 feet 8 inches tall, the "blind" distance was 44 feet.

"The Commander's blind zone is considerably larger than that for other midsized and large sport utility vehicles," the magazine said.

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