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Date 1998/10/27 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

One of our readers sent in this report about the new 99GC...

Well I've been following your news since September and I hope to clear up some gossip. Last night I finally had my chance to drive a 1999 Grand Cherokee Limited with the 28K package. Dressed in "Bright Platinum Metallic", this dream had all the toys minus the Up Country suspension group. It had it all including Quadra-Drive, heated seats, sunroof, CD-changer and the class IV tow group. The only down fall was that it was sporting a sticker price of $37,000 plus dollars.

Back at the end of September, I placed my order for a fully loaded 1999 Grand Cherokee Laredo with the 28K package after test driving the base 26D Laredo. After driving a 300ZX for the past seven years, the six banger just didn't cut the mustard for me. Not to re-coin a phrase but I wanted "More Power". Hence, I order the 4.7l with Quadra-Drive in the Sienna Pearl Coat without being able to test-drive one. Needless to say, with a final price of $32,265, I've been desperately waiting for one to show up for a test drive.

Let me tell you, this vehicle is worth the wait. I almost bought a 98 Limited with the V8 at a great price. It would've been one major mistake! I rarely take car reviews too seriously; you have to drive them for yourself. All the reviews I've read praise the 99 Grand Cherokee in all respects. Well, in my opinion, they've all hit the nail on the head. I've been looking at sport utility vehicles for sometime, and there is nothing out there that even comes close to the Grand Cherokee. "The Most Capable Sport Utility Ever", I'll say and then some.

According to my dealer, Chrysler had pre-built several different flavors of the Grand Cherokee. Most of which were base Laredos and some Limiteds. They had two Limiteds on the lot last night. The one I mentioned above and a six cylinder version with a few less toys and Quadra-Drive. Yes it had Quadra-Drive, I checked the sticker myself. Anyway, you should start seeing the fully loaded V8 Limited with Quadra-Drive at the larger dealerships now. My dealer also claimed that Chrysler plans to start filling special orders starting the first of November. After my test drive last night, it's going to be a long but worth while wait.


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