$100K Updated Jeep - The Growler

Date 2006/9/2 8:37:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Some of you might have seen the piece on the CBS news regarding the Military spending big bucks for an updated Jeep vehicle called the Growler. There is an article in USA Today with a few photos.

A tidbit from the article:
Built by Ocala, Fla.-based American Growler, the original Growler is made partly from salvaged M151 jeep parts and is available in several versions for as little as $7,500 in kit form. At the high end, there's a $14,500 upgraded "tactical dune buggy" with a "bikini top."

Seems like our government does not know how to bargain on the price... I also get a kick out of how they claim this is not your Grandfather's Jeep, but the original model uses M151 parts.

Kind of sad that Jeep is not building something like this for our Military instead of General Dynamics.

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