New Rubicon Trail Book

Date 1998/10/30 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Death Valley Press has just released a new book about driving the Rubicon Trail. 4 Wheeler's Guide to the Rubicon Trail, written by William C. Teie is a user's guide to the Rubicon Trail in California. Reviews that appear on are all positive:

Dan Mainwaring, President, Jeepers Jamboree, January 1998:
The only thing better than this guide, is an actual trip down the Rubicon Trail.

Mark Smith, President, Jeep Jamboree, USA, January 1998:
A great guide book, one of the best I've seen. It presents the Rubicon Trail as it really is.

Book Description:
This guide is unique in that it uses 3-D pictures to help show the challenges of this world famous trail. The 64-page guide includes the history and geology of the area, as well as helpful trail "tips." It includes numerous full-color pictures, maps, and drawings.

About the Author:
Chief Teie worked for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection for 34 years. He worked up through the ranks, from seasonal firefighter to Deputy Director for Fire Protection. In this position he was responsible for all of CDF's fire protection programs. He retired in February 1993. He is the author of two award-winning textbooks: Firefighter's Handbook on Wildland Firefighting and the Fire Officer's Handbook on Wildland Firefighting. He is a nationally recognized fire protection consultant and the owner of Deer Valley Press, the publisher of several other "tools for the firefighter."

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