Hemi: Now With More Images!

Date 2006/9/8 21:40:51 | Topic: Miscellaneous

In one of the more bizarre press releases to come out of Chrysler Group, today came a press release announcing the new Hemi Web Site. As you can see, the press release really touts all the new images. No new engines or features, just more images...

DaimlerChrysler launches the newest version of the HEMI(R) Web site (http://www.hemi.com/ ) with 80 percent more images than the previous version. New photos, graphics and drawings appear in timelines, galleries, and as downloadable wallpaper images.

The story of the legendary HEMI engine can be told more clearly than ever with these visual additions to the site. Some photos have resurfaced after many years, including extremely rare shots of the 1950s HEMI Indy engine and photos assembled from the archives of Mopar(R) collector Harold Sullivan.

The HEMI Web site's interactive and historical timelines are packed with rare vintage photos, while new captions give background facts on the HEMI engine, including the 1951 Chrysler FirePower V8. The history of the legendary 426 HEMI is also featured in great detail to supplement information on new generation 5.7- and 6.1-liter HEMI engines.

New articles include the HEMI engine's racing appearance in 1952 at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Revamped graphics are also featured on the Web site, in addition to twice the number of vintage ads and three times as many rare-image wallpapers available for download.

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