Wrangler Marketing Chief Speaks

Date 2006/9/18 8:02:05 | Topic: Wrangler

The Chrysler Group media-only blog recently posted a podcast with Kevin Metz, the marketing brand manager of the Jeep Wrangler. Metz said that one of the driving goals of the Wrangler redesign was to listen to existing customers. He said that Chrysler Group's research found that customers didn't want the look to change all that much - but wanted just about everything else improved.

He mentioned the first-time-ever-offered electronic locks and windows (while maintaining the removability of the doors), increased stiffness through the frame and suspension, increased road clearance - all with a lower price than the 2006 model.

Metz said the current 2-door Wrangler market is 75% male in the 30-40 year-old range while they think the 4-door version will appeal to a greater number of women and young families. He menitioned that 80% of the current Wrangler buyers don't even consider another 4-wheel drive vehicle. He feels that with the 4-door Unlimited model, they will be directly competing more against the Toyota FJ, Hummer H3, and Nissan Xterra.

Here's a snippet from the article that accompanied the podcast:
Remember New Coke, which hit store shelves and vending machines in 1985? Although New Coke scored better in taste tests, the very idea of changing the iconic soft drink turned many people off. New Coke was killed after a few months, but sales of the old Coke soared.

The Jeep® brand also had to tread carefully when it set out to redesign the iconic Wrangler. The new Wrangler, and its new companion the four-door Wrangler Unlimited, have already gone into production and will arrive in dealer showrooms soon.

So the folks at Jeep listened carefully to owners when designing the new Wrangler and the Wrangler Unlimited.

Some owners said that they didn’t want power windows and power locks. Why? Because they wanted to be able to remove the doors, said Kevin Metz, Marketing Brand Manager of the Jeep Wrangler. Solution? The new models offer optional power windows and locks, AND the doors can also be removed.

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