2008 Jeep Liberty Spy Shots

Date 2006/9/21 13:54:04 | Topic: Liberty

Edmunds.com along with the windingroads.com have several reveling spy shots of the next generation Jeep Liberty courtesy of KGP photography.

The next gen Liberty will be avalible come the third quater of 2007.

All of the spy shots can be found here and here.

A short discussion on the next generation Liberty can also be found (with old spy shots) here

Here are some styling points that Edmunds make about the Liberty:
It appears to be a few inches taller than its Dodge brother--in the name of utility, and a closer family resemblance to the Jeep Commander.

The Liberty's revised packaging results in a larger windshield, and revised roof pillars, which means that the Jeep shares few, if any, body panels with the Dodge.

Although the Jeep's door panels are cleanly styled, they have a bit more surface development than the smooth-skinned Nitro, giving the Liberty a slightly chunkier look. The Jeep also has a different roof rack setup.

On to the rear, the Liberty gets revamped tail-light lenses and a reworked rear bumper, but the changes are more thorough than that. The Liberty's taller rear window is hinged and has a grab handle, meaning that the rear glass can be raised independently from the rear hatch.

With the arrival of two sub-Liberty Jeep models--the Dodge Caliber-based Patriot and Compass--the next Liberty had to do some growing up. And it looks like it has. The 2008 model promises to be a more substantial vehicle moving away from the entry-level.

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