Compass Wins Automotive Excellence Award?

Date 2006/9/26 12:52:39 | Topic: Compass

PopularMechanics recently named its 2007 Automotive Excellence Awards and the Compass was one of the recipients. Why, you ask? After reading the article, we're wondering exactly what they liked about it.
Suffice it to say it is not trail-rated to the same level as other Jeeps. No, this Jeep is meant to tackle the likes of Toyotaís RAV4 and Hondaís CR-V on suburban roads rather than the boulders and creeks of the untamed wilderness. Despite the hallmark seven-slot grille and trapezoidal fender flares, Compassís styling is more mainstream than any other Jeepís. A roofline thatís 4.5 inches higher than the Caliberís helps to separate the two visually. The added height also allows the front seats to be two inches higher than in the Dodge. And behind the wheel, itís clear that this is a very different Jeep. The ride is quiet and smooth, the steering direct. The Compassís passenger-car roots are obvious.

Unfortunately, the new 2.4-liter Fourís 172 hp is only adequate for the task. While a five-speed manual is standard equipment, like most crossover shoppers, buyers will likely opt for the CVT which, despite computer-set ďgearsĒ to emulate a six-speed automatic, exacerbates the Compassís lethargic acceleration.

Did we miss something? Exactly what does Popular Mechanics think is "excellent" about the Compass?

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